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Breaking Barriers And Starting A Business At 50

With Lydia Lee

There’s a lot of perceived obstacles and barriers that pop up in one’s mind when they’re thinking about starting a business.

“Am I too old to start a business?”

“What if I’m not techy?”

“Do I need to learn all these complicated marketing tactics to get clients?”

But, what if there’s a better way to approach starting a business, getting clients, and marketing your work as a new entrepreneur?

And doing this with simple and uncomplicated ways, where your current experience, personality type, and even your age can actually be a resource for your success?

In today’s Cubicle Crashing Stories video episode, I speak to Mary Schiller, a former coaching client of mine who reinvented her life and started a business at the age of 50.

Her ‘reinvention’ started when she was let go from a startup she was working for and facing the crossroad of finding another job or striking out on her own.

She now evolved her work to be an independent author and accountability coach, starting her own business in 2016 from zero and reaching six-figures in year two.

Watch this inspiring interview to learn how Mary…

  • Eradicated limiting beliefs about being too old to start a business.
  • Decided to just DECIDE she was simply good enough to start.
  • Simplified her business to get her first clients without complicated technology or marketing tactics.

Watch it below!

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Learn More About Mary Schiller!

Mary’s an author & coach who likes to call herself “chief permission granter” – because you have permission to create the business & life you really want.

She’s an independent author and accountability coach to people who want to create a simple, powerful & profitable online coaching business.

Check out her website, and download her free guide: INSTANT CLIENTS! The ONE thing you can offer that everyone wants (& will pay you for).

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