Discover The 3 Steps To Transition To Working For Yourself 
Even If You’re Still Working A Full Time Job.

You’re going to discover:

🍍 The questions to ask if you’re considering leaving a high paying job to pursue an independent career.

🍍How your professional experience can teach you where to build your next body of work.

🍍Why you won’t need to throw out your degree or work experience to start a new career path.

🍍What you need to know to identify ideas for the right work for you.

🍍 How you can plan for a safe transition with a side hustle (even if you’re working full time).

Your Guide:  Lydia Lee

I’m a Work Reinvention Coach and Small Business Strategist at Screw The Cubicle.

Since 2013, I’ve guided and mentored hundreds of professionals to repurpose their skills into independent careers they can love.

I specialize in helping people navigate their work identity crisis and transition out of the golden handcuffs to develop successful self-employment strategies.

My work been published in Forbes, The Huffington Post, and featured in The Telegraph newspaper.

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“Lydia has such an amazing gift to translate people’s special gifts into something they can do for a business. I am always amazed by what she does and how she does it. One thing that was super important for me was to understand the value of what I bring to the table in my work. I cannot thank you enough.”


“I can’t recommend Lydia highly enough! Her blend of coaching is filled with deep wisdom, care & an incredible level of insight. All of which help to guide you wherever you’re at in your ‘screw the cubicle’ moment.  To believe in me again and actually regain a sense of momentum after feeling blocked for so long, primarily from procrastinating hugely along the way.  Lydia’s coaching transcends just helping you beyond the cubicle, she helps you create balance in every facet of your life, gifting you with real tools to make sustained shifts & move forward in your life & work.“