I want to talk to you about a big obstacle a lot of us experience when we are trying to find fulfilling work – We don’t know what business to start. We want to start our own business but we don’t have an idea. We want to be our own boss but we don’t think we have any of the skills required to launch a business. That’s why I recently did a live webinar on exactly that topic.

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Some key questions and answers we talked about on the training were very common (and I bet you have similar questions):

  • “I don’t have any creative ideas for a business”
  • “I have TOO many ideas, and can’t FOCUS”
  • “I have an idea, but I don’t feel confident”

In a quick poll we did during the live webinar…

40% said they didn’t know how to validate their idea 33% said they didn’t have a business idea 20% have financial, social, or personal fears to start a business 7% are lacking confidence and direction


What you will learn in the webinar:

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  • How to repurpose your experience, knowledge, and skills into a meaningful business
  • How to be aware of strengths outside of your resume that can 
  • actually be used for a business idea
  • The ONE thing you need to discover to identify a business idea that pays
  • How you can validate your business idea before spending time and money on creating it
  • Examples of corporate escapees that have used their existing skills to create valuable businesses
    I’ve also created a FREE workbook called ‘Repurpose Your Skills’ that will help you turn theory into practice. Make sure you use it well, to help you isolate your skills and it’ll also guide you on how to brainstorm creative ideas for a business in the methods I teach all my clients. You will get a link to the work book when you register for the webinar reply: Sign up for the webinar replay to find out – What Business Should I Start      

How to Quit the 9-5 and Create Your Path to Freedom!

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