Are you having trouble standing out and feeling unique when others have a similiar business or offer what you offer?

If you’re starting a business or even if you’ve been in business for a little while, you may be struggling to stand out from the crowds of people that may have a similiar business, or do what you do.

You’re feeling like you’re getting lost in the noise of other people shouting louder in the online world, and probably thinking you have to be just as loud in order to get noticed in your business.

But what you really want is this: To feel good in being yourself in your business, and be recognized by your ideal clients, without having to work so damn hard to attract them to your work.

On a personal level, to stop competing and stand strong in your own values and way of delivering your message.  Isn’t it tiring to keep comparing yourself to other people?

That’s not why you decided to start your own business.  You started it because you want to finally be free to be yourself, and to do work in a way that feels authentic and real to you.



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To stand out in today’s competitive world of business, your “secret sauce” matters.

You can eliminate the idea of competition by creating your own special niche and play up the strengths that no one else possesses but you.

There is literally no one else in the world that has the special combination of life story, experiences, perspectives, and learnings that you have accumulated in the years you have been alive.

Stand tall in that, my friend.

This also the key to creating work you love.  Why?  Creating work you love means to create a way of working and delivering your value that fits totally with your personality, way of influence, and story that you want your business to tell.

In today’s ever-changing world, the only way to create long lasting value to your customers, is to create a brand that people believe in and love.

So how do you do that?

You want to infuse your YOU-niqueness into your business.


YOU-niqueness #1:  Your Story


It starts with your story.  The reason why you do what you do, and why people should care.

Your story matters because it helps build your credibility of being the one to be trusted to do the work you want to do.  It allows your customers to build a bond with you when they can hear your story, because they’ll find the common values they share with you.

Your story can show people how you run your business that are based on the foundations you stand for, and if your customers believe in the values of your foundations, they will appreciate the way you lead them to solutions.

Your story also shows why are you make the choices that you make in your business, and how life experience has brought you to recognize learnings and insights they are trying to achieve by learnings from you.

This includes your failures and mistakes.  People love working with people who are HUMAN, who can make them feel understood and acknowledged in their current state.

Having transparency in your business can help draw in the customers that need to feel they are not wrong in not knowing what to do, but can have you guide them along the way from all the hurdles and struggles you have gone through before them.

Are there any part of your business where your story could be shown more?  What parts of your story can help your customers build the trust you want with them?  What life experience, pain, history, and learnings can you share as part of your story to help your customers identify the real values your business and work stands for?





YOU-niqueness #2:  Your Personality

Guess what?  Your business and brand has a personality.  After all, YOU are behind your business, so very likely the personality that shines through your brand is yours!

Your personality lets you connect to your audience in a way only you can do.

It may be quirky, awkward, humorous, and whatever your personality is, your vibe is going to attract your tribe.

Your personality shows up in your copy, branding, messaging, and in every way that you talk about your business.  And yes, it matters.

Think about a time you bought a service from someone or hired a coach or consultant – what were you drawn to?  Yes, they may be good at their job, but there are also thousands of other people that may do what they do.

You picked them because you simply…like them!  Their vibe jives with yours.  And when that happens, you feel comfortable and at ease about the experience you’ll have with them.

The same goes for your business.  Your best clients are attracted to you.  You aren’t going to date everyone in the world, just like you’re not going to work with every Dick and Harry out there, so your personality can absolutely filter out the ones that won’t get along with you, or just doesn’t align with your style.

Look at your social media posts, blogs, articles, or videos – are you truly saying what you want to say, and in a way you feel like you to say it?

Or are you holding back from the fear of being judged?




YOU-niqueness #3:  Your Expression

What’s your best way of influencing people in your every day life?  Think about the significant times you’ve convinced somebody of a concept, or got your message across to be heard well?

There is a style and way you communicate and connect which is your own unique style of expression.

Maybe you’re like me…someone who loves to tell stories to get her point across.  Or perhaps you are someone that researches and analyzes first, before making a point.

The process of how you teach, share, and influence matters because your tribe will remember you for that style.  They come to expect that.

If you’re blunt, be blunt.  Say things like they are, and use a marketing platform that allows you to free flow.

If you prefer to be more organized in your thoughts and like breaking things down in detail, write more.  Do more case studies to show your work.  Give away more courses that chunks down the processes you want to teach.

Whatever your style of expression, or whether you are introverted or extroverted, choosing the right platforms to express yourself will ensure you actually have fun doing it (and feel at ease about it).

You can deliver your message choosing various tools like blogging, webinars, video interviews (and the list goes on), or combinations.  You’ll want to pick a platform or tool that plays up your strengths rather than pick according to what’s the newest marketing trend out there.

Don’t get distracted by the newest thing (don’t pick Snapchat just because it’s the newest rage).  Pick one that feels easy for you to do, so you’ll actually do it, and master that, before going into multiple platforms and burning yourself out.

Build your audience and confidence from that platform first.  Be consistent in showing up often for it (at least once or more a week), and do most of your marketing from that space.




Infuse one of your YOU-niqueness to implement this week

Where have you been hiding your YOU-niqueness qualities that you can pivot to show up more as the true you in your online business?

What can you share in your website, social media posts, or any marketing actions that lets you show either your story, your personality, or your best way of expression?

Pick one social media post, or your next blog article and infuse one of your YOU-niqueness qualities to bring that difference into your business.

Now I would love to hear from you.

Comment below to tell me what you will implement this week to share a part of your story, personality, and expression that builds trust and connection for your clients?



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