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Lydia inspires and trains entrepreneurs, freelancers and professionals to create meaningful work lives by teaching them how to combine their strengths and passions to maximise their value in the marketplace.

She has delivered keynote talks, workshops and trainings for organizations and co-working spaces including Hubud, Escape the City, The Change School, The Wedge Asia, and Project Getaway.

Meet Lydia

Lydia Lee is the Founder and Corporate Escape Coach at Screw The Cubicle, a movement to inspire people to break free from the shackles of conventional work.

After leaving her six figure job in Canada years ago in pursuit of a path less conventional, this had led her to now be an advocate for career freedom, and meaningful work with purpose.

From building businesses to forging freelance careers, she’s already helped hundreds of talented professionals repurpose their skills to create better versions of their careers and become better versions of themselves.

Now based in Bali, Indonesia, Lydia’s been published in Forbes, The Huffington Post, been featured in Elle Canada and The Telegraph newspaper.

“The future of work is quickly coming into full view – and Lydia is on the front of the wave sharing the story and inspiring many of us into action.”

Ben Keene

Startup Tribe Leader, Escape the City

Discover the work you’re designed for.

Featured Topics

Bring your dream work to life

Do you have a nagging feeling you’re not living the life you’ve always dreamed of? You’ve climbed the corporate ladder but the view isn’t what you’re expecting.

You don’t need to throw in the towel and start over. By repurposing your existing skills and training you can create a work life to love.

In this workshop Lydia will:

  • Help you identify your strongest skills to lead from.
  • Demonstrate how to transfer your existing skills and work experience into a new job or business that reinjects the passion back into your life.
  • Show you how you to use your multi-passionate nature to do work that you love.

Create a Stand-Out Business With Your YOU-niqueness

Ever wonder what makes one person or business remarkable? To stand apart in a crowded marketplace, your personal “secret sauce” matters in developing a unique brand.

By leveraging your unique difference no one else possesses but you, you won’t have to worry about competing with others who do what you do.

In this workshop Lydia will teach you how to…

  • Create a compelling story around your brand
  • Connect and attract a genuine tribe to your work
  • Lead a fierce community towards a movement your business believes in

Build the business you’re designed for

When people start their own business they don’t realize how important it is to do something they’re passionate about otherwise they’ll end up doing work they hate.

Building a business that you are designed for means using what you already do well and turning that in the direction of your passions.

In this workshop Lydia will:

  • Help you combined your skills and passions to build a business that you love.
  • Show you how to create a profitable business by solving a problem that you are already equipped to solve.
  • Teach you how to connect with others in your most authentic way to create a sustainable and monetizable business.

“Lydia spoke at our event to a sold out crowd. Her passion and professionalism had the audience gripped throughout her inspirational talk. People loved her real life stories of escape which helped bring the concepts of digital nomadism to life. Lydia offered compelling content at a pace that gave people great value while leaving them wanting more. We had fantastic feedback on how awesome she was as a speaker at our event.”

Moselle Dibdin

Whistler Open Forum Events

What you can expect from working with Lydia


Inspiring new possibilities

Lydia inspires new possibilities in people by debunking common myths and beliefs that stop them from taking real steps toward their dream work life.

Practical steps

Lydia’s teaching style focuses on very practical steps that people can start taking right now to create change in their work life.

Real success stories

Lydia likes to share the real success stories of people she’s met and worked with who’ve taken the leap to find or create a more meaningful work experience.

Testimonials from partners and collaborators

“I have worked with Lydia several times over the past few years and always love it! She is very professional in her preparation and approach to any engagement (speaking, workshops, courses) and the participant feedback is always great. She has done various things with us, including online webinars, speaking engagements and week long residential workshops. There is never a boring workshop with Lydia…her honest and audacious style makes for an inspiring and memorable event.”

Steve Munroe

Co-founder & CEO, Hubud

“We’ve had the pleasure of working with Lydia over the past 2 years at our retreats and events. Her energy and practical approach inspires our students to navigate through career change and transition by ‘getting real’ about goals and getting serious about making them happen! We can’t wait to do more with Lydia with her powerful message!”

Solonia Teodros

Co-founder, The Change School

“From the moment we connected with Lydia, we knew we had found a fantastic speaker. She immediately understood our mission and crafted her talk to match our audience perfectly, all while being engaging, professional, clear and inspiring. She energized everyone in the room, from the attendees to her fellow speakers, to figure out how to create their own body of work. She’s a genuine pleasure to watch!”

Kit Whelan

Co-founder, 7in7 Digital Nomad Conference

“We had the pleasure of hosting Lydia as a speaker at The Wedge Asia. Her energy and insights captivated the audience and facilitated the participants to understand how to create the work they are designed for. I highly recommend for everyone to engage with Lydia to really help define and understand their own ‘Genius Zone’.”

Jerald Lim

The Wedge Asia

“Lydia is one of those rather rare speakers who are both inspirational and very practical at the same time. She inspires through her passion and loyalty to her message, at the same time, being pragmatic and extremely resourceful. She contributed greatly to the problem-solving process all the new businesses are going through”.

Lavinia Iosub

Project Getaway

Participants are saying…

“Most valuable experience for me at the workshop was a deeper understanding of the “real” me that is authentic and true, Seeing how my values, passion, and skills can create a business idea I love. I’m feeling like my dreams and vision for my life IS possible. The workshop is superb. Must have an extended version of this again! Lydia’s positive vibe is so infectious that you do not want the workshop to conclude! She pans your perspective back to where it should be. Her workshop is highly recommended!”

Crizza Dealino

“I felt validated and more confident in pursuing my own dreams on my own terms. The workshop opened up my eyes and my soul to endless possibilities! I have never felt more alive than after the workshop!

I realized that I could design work around the kind of life I want, as opposed to fitting in my life only to work that’s available.

Lydia is like a Sherpa of the Soul. She guides each participant through the inner workings of the heart and soul, and enables us to see (even if but a glimpse) our authentic self. The result of which is truly life-changing. Attending Lydia’s workshop has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in a very long time.”

Dona Arcillas

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