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On this week’s podcast, I have Andy McLean on the show, a Nomadic Kiwi, former London city corporate turned startup business mentor and social entrepreneurship leader. Andy is a bankologist at StartupBootcamp in Singapore, a member of Tribewanted, and also leads a special project close to his heart called the Better Bali Project. Andy will be talking more about seeking doing social good, how one can contribute to the world through their work, and of course how he escaped the financial industry’s cubicle world.

He’ll be the first to say that every decision and choice he’s made since leaving his corporate finance job wasn’t perfect, and the path isn’t always clear as rain for him.  I talk to Andy about travel, what’s he’s been doing being a nomad on the road, and what has he discovered on the road that has been beneficial for his self discovery and how digital nomads can contribute in the communities they live and travel to.

Andy is at the discovery stage of his journey, where he’s been exploring who he is, how he fits in the world, and causes he may be drawn to that motivate him.  You’ll probably be able to relate to the questions that Andy ponders about his life, and how he’s been trying to create meaning in his life.


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Episode 20 | Special Guest Andy McLean

In this episode:

  • How Andy broke out of his cubicle life in the financial world
  • His tips on how you can do social good with your business
  • How to support and give back to your community through your work and social entrepreneurship
  • How Andy started StartupBootcamp and Better Bali Project
  • The journey he took from employee to social entrepreneur and the hard decisions along the way


Memorable Podcast Snippets:

To me it’s about thinking ahead, thinking about others to follow, and to share wisdom. I think that there’s some great leaders here, in Bali, There are some great people creating some sort of platform for them to bring their dreams for the island alive. That’s where the fire comes from.”
“What is crucial to me is value exchange. And it annoys me to no end the amount of people who do something, but don’t offer anything back in return. And if you have managed to find a group of people who have offered to effectively swap services, you’re actually going back to basics of community there right?

That’s how it SHOULD be and I don’t know whether that’s come around because of being in Bali but that’s basically one of the fundamentals of the Balinese community. It’s exchange. It’s trust. It’s sharing. It’s looking after each other.”


“It was a 6-month thing, and it was supposed to end in September of last year. In June, I just remember thinking, I’m just going to take a day off, for no particular reason. I’m going to go into the countryside in England and have a bit of a think and try to plan on what’s going to come up next.”


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