If you’ve been interested in creating a social giving business and be able to make money doing good, today’s Corporate Escape Story is going to be your jam. I speak to Ryan Charnov, the Co-Founder of Giftfluence, a technology startup that stimulates charitable giving to over 840,000 causes through online activity such as shopping and searching the internet. I invited Ryan for an interview today because firstly, I love a business that has a philanthropy aspect to it, and I wanted him to share his story of how he was able to infuse things that matter to him to his business model. We speak about the biggest mistake people make when they do want to become a social entrepreneur, and why many people romanticize the notion of leaving a corporate job to pursue their passions, but few fully think through the logistics and factors necessary for success. You’re going to want to watch our interview below (and learn all about Ryan’s super cool business!).  

Valuable highlights from our interview:

  • How Ryan came up with his business idea, Giftfluence, and used his skillets towards a new direction of a career
  • What he did first to validate his social entrepreneurship idea and ensured there was a money making model
  • Why it’s been important to Ryan to have an element of his passion and a cause in his business
  • His advice for people who also want to build a social enterprise – what he thinks is the biggest mistake he sees people making when they want to become a social entrepreneur
  • Why thinking through the logistics and factors that are necessary for your success is crucial – Ryan shares 3 important things you need to think about now
  • How Ryan kept himself inspired and motivated on the path of launching Giftfluence when it was in a startup phase


Connect with Ryan!

  Visit his websitewww.GiftFluence.com Tweet him@GiftFluence    

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