Are you thinking about creating a side hustle but don’t know where to start?

I interview Ella Cook, member of The Unconventionalists, who’s creating her side hustle while working in a full-time job as a Digital Marketer for a large Australian healthcare and fitness brand.

From our conversation, you’ll learn how to create more time in your days, overcome self-doubt, and how the power of community helps us achieve big things in the world.

In 30 days, Ella started making money from her side hustle and completely changed her daily habits to be able to pursue her dream of starting a business.

Watch our video interview below as Ella shares her tips of creating an escape plan with simple and practical strategies you can start implementing today!



Snippets from the interview

#1 Create A Habit Of Waking Up Early

If you’re still working full-time, finding a free slot in your daily calendar for your side hustle will be the first challenge.

Start your day early and get your work done before you head off to your 9-5 job. We tend to experience a higher level of focus and creativity in the morning than after work.

Before opening your laptop directly after you woke up, give yourself some time to start slowly into the day. Make a cup of tea, do some yoga, go for a walk or read.

Establishing a routine of waking up early every day and committing to it for at least 21 days, will help you to get out of bed at 5am even if you are not a morning person.

Tip: If you know the reason WHY you are creating this habit, it will be much easier for you to get out of the bed every morning.


#2 Be Open to Opportunities

Opportunities are all around you and you will start seeing them once you put yourself out there.

Everyone who has already received free advice from you – such as your friends, your coworkers, your former employers, your family – could they be your potential client or may know someone who may be a good fit to work with you?

Consider freelancing platforms such as Upwork where you can look for small projects to get you started even without having an online presence such as a website yet.

The benefits of starting as a freelancer are to test out specific skills, see what you like/don’t like, and gain experience (and testimonials) before picking a niche.


#3 Overcome The Imposter Syndrome

It is totally normal to feel the imposter syndrome creeping up – even for seasoned business owners.

Acknowledge the fact that you experience fear and doubts about everything new that you are doing but that what will really slow you down is giving in.

Connect with other people who are in a similar situation as you or ask for help from people who have been in this situation before and have successfully managed it.

Bravery and courage appear when you get out of your comfort zone. A consistency of incremental steps of doing something out of your edge of comfort will help you to move forward.


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