Next week, I’m going to be sharing my year wrap-up blog post, where I summarize my biggest lessons received, and how it’s helped to shape me as a human + business owner. And boy, has this year been a doozy!

Despite ‘ticking all the boxes’ in certain areas of my life, I suffered a major burnout in the last quarter of 2018yikes.

Mmm hmm…I’m going to share why this happened, what it’s brought me to realize, and share the low-down on my entire experience this year – watch for the blog post next week.

In the meantime, I wanted to instigate a few Self Reflection Qs as you too, wrap up 2018, and look forward to a fresh new year in 2019.

Before you set your big 2019 goals, let’s take some time to consider the way you think about yourself + the life you want to create.

If we don’t carefully examine the way we think, we’re likely to repeat the actions that have kept us stuck or doing things the same way, but expecting different outcomes.

You may be thinking about big goals in 2019, and you may think you’ll get there by ticking some boxes and knowing the practical steps…

We can create all sorts of lofty goals, but understanding how we feel about our goals, and what we believe we’re capable to do to get there is important to assist us in reaching them.

Here we go…

Self Reflection Q #1:
What personal limitations did you impose upon yourself that kept your dreams small?

We can make all sorts of assumptions and judgments around our capabilities and possibilities. We act in accordance to that self limiting belief, and end up creating a excuses + obstacles that fit that reality.

Your personal limitations may sound like: “I’m too old to be creating a digital business”, or “I’m going to sound like I’m having a midlife crisis if I gave up a 10 year career to pursue something different”.

These self imposed limitations and the stories you keep repeating to yourself may be one of the obstacles that have prevented you from reaching your goals or hell, let’s be honest, even ADMITTING you have bigger dreams and goals.

Food for thought: What if a particular limitation you put upon yourself is just a story that is made up? And if you were not to believe it anymore, what WOULD you give yourself permission to be, do, or experience?

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Self Reflection Q #2:
How do you want to change the way you’ve navigated change and uncertainty?

Going after big goals can certainly feel scary. However, change and the feeling of uncertainty will be non-negotiable if you want to create a bigger life.

We grow by being exposed to uncertainty and confronting our fears, otherwise, they take over our mental space and grow in intensity. How have you noticed the way you’ve dealt with things that scare you and are confronting?

It’s important to recognize the default behaviour that keeps us stuck because of our fear of failure so that we can learn how to gently recondition our mindset and behaviour to get good with uncertainty.

Food for thought: What’s the excuse you create to not take the leap if things aren’t 100% perfect? If you didn’t catch my free training to help you overcome fear and uncertainty, check out the replay here!

Self Reflection Q #3: What important values are truly behind my goals for 2019?

We feel motivated about pursuing our goals when we truly understand WHY it’s important for us to achieve the goals we’ve crafted. And most importantly, to make sure those goals are really OURS, not what someone else’s or what we think is expected of us.

Identifying the important values behind your goals helps you to understand why a particular passion project or business venture is MEANINGFUL to start.

I would love to encourage you to put more MEAT into your goals. Dig deep. Why can you NOT pursue these goals?

Food for thought: Think about a project or idea that’s been in the backburner. Why do you want to start it? Why is it important for you to share this idea or project even if it may fail? You may enjoy this podcast interview I had with Ryan Robinson on the Side Hustle Project Podcast, where I shared how you can experiment with ideas while you’re still working full time (and why getting started is the most important piece of ‘screwing the cubicle’).

I want to hear what came up for you when you self reflected on these 3 questions.

It really fires me up when I hear someone getting an ‘a-ha’ moment through digging deeper beyond the ‘surface level’ answers we think we know.

Comment below to tell me this: What 2018 has brought you to realize + how will those insights help you to shape 2019?