Reinvention Coaching

Discover what's next, do something different, and take meaningful action for the life and work you want to have.

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Is It Time To Reinvent How You Want To Live & Work?

If you want to do stuff that matters and find your own version of success…I want to help you live and work with purpose.

Deep Down…

Do you feel as if you’re meant for bigger things? 

So many passionate individuals have big dreams of doing something different with their lives but are too afraid to let go of their identity, an identity that stemmed from their careers, communities or the expectations of others, or they may not believe that another path is possible.

I’ve been there myself.

Through my burnout, identity crisis, and reinvention of my life and work, I was able to align myself with my values and create a much healthier definition of success.

If you’re not feeling challenged or lit up by your work, or if you’re living on autopilot, where you don’t feel you’re building the life you want, it’s time for a reinvention.

“Lydia coaching came along at the right time when I was ready to go beyond ‘sugar-coated’ support and step up into taking full responsibility for what I was experiencing in my life.  She is committed to helping me know my own value, and her coaching facilitated me step-by-step to move into a new line of work that expresses my full potential and gifts.  

I no longer have any excuses to keep playing it small!


Speaker & International Book Coach

It Takes A Necessary Pause To Hear The Call.

Like many people in the crossroad of their life and career path, you might be wondering “What’s Next”?

You’re meant to do remarkable things; to create big ideas, take action and change your life and the lives of others.

Are you ready to honour the call and create a new meaningful vision for your life and work?

Reinventing Yourself Can Feel Scary On Your Own.

Perhaps you’re worried about being judged by the people who identify your worth with a certain ‘title’ in your job, or that you’ll be criticized by the very people who love you the most, and who have specific expectations of you.

Or, maybe you’re afraid of trying something new and failing.

If so, know that you’re not alone.

I’ve worked with hundreds of people going through a transition, who were uncertain to take the first step in reinventing themselves.

Perhaps you too, have said something similiar:

“Is there something wrong with me? People seem to think I’m having a midlife crisis.”

“I did what I was supposed to do to be successful, but now I feel disappointed working hard to get somewhere I don’t want to be.”

“I feel trapped in the life I’ve built for myself and can’t see a way out.”

“I want to feel like my work is more meaningful, but is that a woo-woo thought that just isn’t practical?”

“I know there’s something bigger I want to create in my life and my work, but I’m just not sure what that may be.”

“In a turning point in my life, Lydia literally tore my lawyer suit apart and transitioned me to the road of entrepreneurship and freedom.  She’s a combination of these things: frighteningly accurate emotional intuition, no-BS practical approach, and a highly infectious fearless fireball.  

If you are stuck in a soul-crushing rat race and serious about making the shift, I highly recommend working with her.


Managing Director & Previously Started the First Cruelty-Free and Vegan Beauty E-comm Platform in Hong Kong, Good Food Institute

How Is This Coaching Experience Is Different?

We figure out What You Really (really!) Want.

Your story, experience, and body of work have telling clues to ‘What’s Next’ for you.  I work with you to understand the threads, identify values that are important to you (not what’s expected of you), explore a new vision that’s purposeful for you to pursue.

We intentionally design your work path from your Genius-Zone.

I have an incredible knack for ‘Skills Spotting’ to help you design work that leverages your strengths, experience, and natural talents. You’ll stop wondering how to consolidate a resume that looks like it’s for three different people, and feel clear on the gifts you bring to the table. 

We choose meaningful work that comes from your Sweet Spot.

You’ll get clear on how the ‘Sweet Spot’ of your most effective skills can be leveraged towards a focus of work you’ll be deeply interested in, while creating the impact you want to make.  You’ll stop being confused about being a multi-passionate person and learn how to use your best skills and interests to create your unique approach for fulfilling work.

We create a Safe Transition Plan to take your leap with courage.

You won’t jump off the cliff and hope the parachute opens.  I’ll guide you to you create safe conditions to believe in your dreams, navigate the fears and obstacles that stand in your way, so that you can bravely step into ‘what’s next’ without giving up security and your wellbeing.

We get you unstuck from self-doubts into Taking Real Action.

You’ll stop falling into the trap of waiting for the perfect time to start or procrastinating because you have to ‘get it right’.  I’ll help you take imperfect action through mini projects and weekly challenges, so that you’ll gain accountability to create momentum for Your Next Big Thing!

“I’m living my dream life! Beaches, rice paddies, coconuts, and sunsets…all while doing work that I find fulfilling and meaningful. I would absolutely not be here as quickly if it wasn’t for Lydia.

I got a clear path to freedom from the office taking my existing skills and creating a tangible business I can travel with. I’m forever grateful!


Retreat Marketing Strategist, Made Of Magic

After Our Work Together, You’ll Be Able To…

🍍 Deeply understand your values and make decisions that honour what’s important to you.

🍍 Discover meaningful work in the ‘Sweet Spot’ of your strengths, deep interests, and impact you want to make.

🍍 Get clarity on the life and work path that’s right for you and create the right actions to get you there.

🍍 Calm your fears of uncertainty towards a new path by having a safe transition plan.

🍍 Take action on projects and explore ideas that’ll lead you to purposeful and profitable work that fulfills you.

🍍 Feel excited to wake up every morning knowing where you’d spend your time and energy.

🍍 Build resilience, courage, and self-belief to pursue the goals you really want for your life.

The Coaching Partnership Low-Down:


After getting to know you and speaking together, we’ll choose a coaching package that’s right for you. Then, we pick our bevy of choice to celebrate the start of our partnership together!


We begin with a 60-Minute Vision Planning Session to prepare for your success, create your intention for the program, and create the mental and physical space for your personal goals.


You’ll get 6 x 60-minute private coaching calls with me bi-weekly or monthly to get my handy brain, creative muscles, and laser-focus coaching strategies for your life and work reinvention plan.  I’m with you every step of the way.


You’ll get email support or use Voxer (a voice message app) in between sessions to receive quick answers and feedback so you have a sounding board – consider me as your personal accountability buddy!


You’ll be armed with my awesome course called Work Reinvented, to support you to repurpose your skills and create a transition plan to self-employment by doing something you love.


With me as your partner in your life and work reinvention, you’ll progress faster than doing it alone.  I’ll make sure you’re moving forward with simplicity, ease, and clarity to reach your goals without overcomplicating and overthinking.

“Lydia is the reason behind many of my personal breakthroughs this year.  I started my coaching practice and launched corporate trainings and team development workshops with some of the biggest organizations in Singapore.

I’ve been able to fearlessly tackle my personal and creative challenges head-on with laser focus coaching!


7-Figure Entrepreneur & Business Coach, DannyBunny.co

If We Haven’t Had The Pleasure Of Meeting…I’m Lydia!

I’m a Work Reinvention Coach, and affectionately known as the Freedom Instigator!

In a nutshell, I help you figure out Your Next Big Thing, own it, and take action to bring it to life.

I create a space for you to explore “What’s next?” in this new chapter of your life and work through deep inquiries that allow you to see the purpose you have had inside of you all along.

I’m not a traditional career coach. I don’t just focus on restrictive assessments and paint-by-numbers plans.

I coach and collaborate with people who want to have autonomy over how they make a living, and the life they want to live.  With deep work, I support you to take action on things you want to do, to become the person you want to be.

What’s the work that enables you to make your highest contribution?

What influence do you want your life to have?

“If you are open to changing your habits and belief systems, and truly want to be pushed out of your comfort zone to create a lifestyle and work/life balance of your dreams, Lydia is your coach.

Working with her changed my life and my approach to work entirely. I cannot go back now, only forward, and I’m excited for the years ahead. I no longer dread work!


Engineering Consultant