I’m ready to: Start My Business

You’re ready to start your businesswith a clear plan of action.

You are at the stage of needing clarity for the steps to launch your business, and want to feel confident about the work you put out there.You want validation that you have something to offer, and know the right steps to take to launch a side hustle or business idea in an effective way.You need a plan to launch your business simply without feeling overwhelmed to do ALL the things so you can focus on what matters most as a new entrepreneur.

Your Opportunities

You are in the perfect spot to create the foundations for your business before it starts. Just like building a house, your business needs to sit on a solid foundation. You have the opportunity right now to create the foundation your business will be relied upon, and knowing your foundations will help you to make conscious decisions about your business so you know when to say a “Hell yes!”, or a “F*ck no!” to opportunities that come your way.

“Without a solid foundation you’ll have troublecreating anything of value.” – Anonymous

Your Challenges

Most people at this stage of creating a business gravitate towards ‘shiny’ things.You may be looking at your competitors or people you admire, and think, “I have to create a snazzy website and a great looking brand too!”However, a profitable business (and one you enjoy) isn’t about looking good. It’s about BEING good instead.This is the time to put the horse blinders on and remain focus on creating immense value for customers you want to help. And the great thing about this?Once you know who you help, what you help with, and why you’re the best person to create results for them, your business will be far easier to promote.

What You Should Focus On

Your big focus at this stage should be to create a framework around your expertise (the steps of how you do what you do), use it to craft an offer to sell, and validate your offer by testing it with real humans.Instead of focusing on ‘shiny’ activities like marketing, do the work of creating good work.

Key Activities You Should Be Focusing On

1. Identify your non-negotiables in your business

Your business should sit on core values that drive the decisions you’ll make for your business. What are people going to rely on your for when they work with you?Imagine yourself many years in the future, on the last day of your life, looking back at the things that you created, developed, nurtured and contributed. What, ideally, would you like to see?

2. Get real curious about the ideal person you want to help

Knowing the ideal customer you want to serve will help you understand what you need to create to help them solve their problems.To understand their problems, you’ll need to stop hiding behind your laptop, and start getting in front of a few people that represent the profile of the person you want to help.You should be interviewing people one-to-one, and doing market research on the urgent problems your customers are having, and what they envision needing support on that you can offer.

3. Create an offer and beta test it

To feel confident about the work you want to put out there, you need to create a ‘beta lab’ to validate the value you are giving in your offer.And the only way to do this is to actually work with real HUMANS.Creating a beta test before you officially launch your business can:

  • Offer you an opportunity to refine your processes with a case study

  • Get familiar on how you work with customers and know what to expect

  • Receive constructive feedback to improve your business interactions

  • Get testimonials to proof your credibility before you officially launch – huge confidence booster!

  • Gauge whether you like the work or not before spending time and effort

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I’m a corporate escapee that started where you are.I’m also a gifted skills spotter, an escape sherpa, and I have one hell of an infamous cackle.

Since leaving my six figure job in Canada years ago, I’ve built two online businesses that allowed me to work from anywhere. But it wasn’t all plain sailing, and involved navigating an identity crisis and dealing with the legacy of my previous resume.My journey has since fuelled my work as a coach, speaker, and sidekick to all corporate prisoners that desire to believe in the possibilities on an unconventional life.From building businesses to forging freelance careers, I’ve helped hundreds of talented professionals repurpose their skills to create better versions of their careers and become better versions of themselves.

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