I’m ready to: Discover My Direction For Meaningful Work

You’re ready to discover your directionfor meaningful work!

You are at the stage of identifying your best skills to repurpose into a more meaningful career.Your big question at the moment is, “What’s the work I can do that helps me to leave my 9-5?”You are looking to feel more confident that there are opportunities beyond the cubicle. You want to learn more about how your skills and strengths can be repurposed to create a new way of making a living for yourself.

Your Opportunities

You are in the perfect spot to acknowledge what you want to do vs. what you think you have to do.Take this time to recognize your abilities, and reflect on the types of activities in work that you enjoy.It’s also a great opportunity to take inventory of your strengths and skills, and make a mental note of how you like to work, the conditions of work that best suit your style of working, and the types of activities you enjoy doing.This is the perfect time to understand what you enjoy helping with, that could be of value to other people.

“Know your strengths and take advantage of them.” – Greg Norman

Your Challenges

As you discover more about the work you want to do, there will be a tendency to get ‘rigid’ in the way you define your work.It’s important to let your mind play and experiment with versions of work directions, even if they don’t seem practical!You may feel uncomfortable exercising your idea muscle, but know that this is the space to start flexing that muscle to allow yourself to be creative and inventive about ways you can utilize your experience and skills.

What You Should Focus On

You’ve come equipped with years of experience, know-how, and knowledge. Some of it came from your work experience, and I bet a lot of it also comes from just natural talents. Your big focus at this stage should be to identify what you’re great at, and how you may repurpose your talents towards a direction that feels more meaningful or fulfilling for your work.

Key Activities You Should Be Focusing On

1. Take inventory of your strengths and skills

Make a list of what you know how to do, what you enjoy (or not enjoy about it), and why you’re good at it – what are the specific skills or strengths you can see yourself utilizing again?

2. Taking stock of your interests and topics you feel drawn to

Think about the books you are reading, conversations you’re having, and themes of topics that you feel passion about – are there particular causes, outcomes, or people you’re attracted to do more with?

3. Look for how your skills and interests can intersect to create a business idea

Potential ideas for your business niche can be created from combining particular skills and doing work in a focus of interest that can drive purpose and meaning.For example, simply changing WHO you help can breathe new life into your skills and experience.Give yourself the space to braindump ideas freely to start seeing which potential ideas may be worth looking into or experimenting with.

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About your Corporate Escape Guide

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I’m a corporate escapee that started where you are.I’m also a gifted skills spotter, an escape sherpa, and I have one hell of an infamous cackle.

Since leaving my six figure job in Canada years ago, I’ve built two online businesses that allowed me to work from anywhere. But it wasn’t all plain sailing, and involved navigating an identity crisis and dealing with the legacy of my previous resume.My journey has since fuelled my work as a coach, speaker, and sidekick to all corporate prisoners that desire to believe in the possibilities on an unconventional life.From building businesses to forging freelance careers, I’ve helped hundreds of talented professionals repurpose their skills to create better versions of their careers and become better versions of themselves.

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