Your Business Type

You’re “The Producer”!

You were born to execute and take action for big ideas

You love to support others to realize a big vision and the steps necessary to make it happen.

You’re process-oriented and in a lot of ways, a great support system to a visionary to activate projects they care about.

You rather implement, be in charge of ‘doing the thing’, and creating in the background, rather than being the ‘star of the show. 

Because you’re systematic and action-focused, you’re able to bring an idea to life with structured steps and actionable plans to get it going. You may also prefer working on your own most days to get things done, but collaborate with others when it comes to planning and strategizing together.

Whether it’s executing on a projects for a business owner or organization as a designer, copywriter, editor, online business manager, VA as examples, you’re in your ‘genius-zone’ when you have autonomy in getting things done efficiently and on your own time because you’re organized and effective.

You’re valued by others because you simply get things done to completion, without your clients worrying about it all. They can rely on you for your zone of expertise, and it releases time for them to focus on what they do best too.

Having this type of CLARITY can be HUGELY helpful when planning out WHAT Type of Business You Should Start.

Hold up …let me introduce myself!

Hello, hello 👋

My name is Lydia Lee.

I’m the Work Reinvention Coach & Freedom Instigator from Screw The Cubicle.

Since 2013, I’ve helped hundreds of corporate escapees repurpose their skills into independent careers they love, so they can have the lifestyle dreams they truly desire.

People always say to me, “Lydia, I’d love to design a business to support the life I want, but right now I’m not even sure what business to start!”

And that led me down the path of creating this Quiz & Assessment, so you can get instant clarity about the TYPE of service-based business that’s right for YOU, right now.

Ready to get a little personal?

Read On To Learn Even More About Your “Genius-Zone” & How You Can Apply It To Your Ideal Business Type.


Your Unique Superpower & Strengths To Leverage


Challenges To Watch Out For As You Build Your Business

Ideal products

Ideal Products & Services To Offer Based On Your Personality

Your Superpower Advantage

Working With People

Even if you’re an introverted web designer who loves to work at home in her PJs, you genuinely like connecting with your clients. You love to watch how your skills can help make their lives better.

Activating Ideas & Vision

You’re action-oriented to execute on big ideas and people see great value in your taking of big-picture ideas to activate projects.

Juggling Information

You can remember client meetings, deadlines, and project details, all while actually doing the work you were born to do. You can hold a lot in your brain and keep it organized.

A “Secret Weapon”

You have the ability to fill the gaps of knowledge and skillsets others need to bring a project to life. Your work releases people from doing what they aren’t talented at doing and can trust you to implement areas of their business effectively.

“Know your strengths and take advantage of them.” ~ Greg Norman

Your Challenges

Charging Hourly Instead Of Value-Pricing

ou may fall into the trap of charging hourly for your time instead of value-based pricing (the real value of the outcome of your work).

Lack Of Boundaries

You may not be setting healthy boundaries with clients with expectations of timelines and their accountabilities to the project (you’re chasing them to get things done).

Unclear System & Process

You can get overwhelmed with starting projects with new clients because you don’t have a streamlined process on how to work with clients. A producer like you will be more effective when you have great systems in place to support you in doing the work easily.

Selling Yourself

You’re not standing out from the ‘sea of sameness’ of other people that do what you do because you’re fuzzy on articulating the higher value of your unique process (i.e. how you do it differently even if you do the same thing as other competitors).

Your “Genius-Zone” offerings

For someone who’s “The Producer”, the ideal products to focus on creating and selling are things like…

Value-Based Packages

Your talent deserves to be paid for your results rather than hourly (it’s not your time clients get, it’s the value of the outcomes you give). This helps your customers say “Yes” to your offer because they know exactly what they’re getting.

VIP Days or Intensives

An excellent way to use your deep-dive personality type to roll up your sleeves and get focused things done for your clients in a half or full day experience. It leverages your efficiency brain for customers who want to get going quickly instead of waiting too long for what they need.

Mini “Done-For-You” Offers

Your ideal clients are likely people who don’t want to ‘do the thing’ themselves. Support them by getting one important part of their projects done for them (i.e. set up a social media channel, write their About page, design a package of graphics for their next promotion).

In case you’re curious…

The other Service-Based Business Profiles include The Coach, The Educator, The Community Builder, and The Strategist.

But the one I would recommend you consider starting with (based on the little I know about you from this assessment) would be right here in “The Producer” genius-zone.

Do you have secondary strengths and gifts in other realms? I bet you’re a multifaceted human, so it’s very likely!

You can marry your top strengths together to produce even more unique ways of giving value in your business.

For example, you could have a primary business type of “The Producer”, but could use your “Strategist” brain to offer even higher value to your clients. Not only will you be a do-er that takes action on projects for them, but you’ll also be a valuable ‘second brain’ to strategize and help them formulate great ideas – this makes you a secret weapon for any business!

So there you have it

The big A to your Q: What Type of Service-Business Should You Start…

There’s an important next step you need to take

Because it’s one big mistake most people make at the beginning process of starting a business…

And it breaks my heart because I know it can take years to discover this mistake (I certainly did it!)…and during that time, it can cost you time, money, stress, and the crappy feelings of self-doubt.

It comes down to an important decision you need to make BEFORE starting your business.

And that decision isn’t WHAT…not what to build or what to create in your business.

It’s actually WHO…as in, the type of human you should serve!

In other words, your marketplace…your NICHE.

Most people forget that as a service-based business, your focus is on PEOPLE.

They spend all their time on WHAT to create and build to sell, and almost zero time zooming into the exact type of ‘soulmate’ client they want to help.

When You Know Your “WHO”, You’ll Get Clear On…

What they’re actively seeking to invest in

What they need to solve their problems (and how they’re talking about it)

What type of offer you’ll create to serve and offer high value

How to craft the right message to invite ideal customers to work with you

Serving the right person and learning how to help them best, is the core of what I guide students to do in my 90 Day Launch Academy.

Learn more about the 6-Phase ‘Idea To Launch’ Foundations I teach to help you launch a meaningful business that you may not be learning anywhere else….take a peek!