Your Business Type

You’re “The Coach”!

You were born to inspire and lead people to do something different with their lives

You love to support others to realize a big vision and how to overcome personal obstacles to get there.

Everything you achieve and everything you learn is because of your own commitment to self-growth and development.

Because you ‘walk your own talk’, people are inspired and motivated by how you’re showing the way too.

You thrive in intimate relationships with clients, partners, and community where you can have a deep personal connection with them.

You prefer doing ‘deep work’, so that you can affect long-lasting transformation and change for individuals you work with.

In your personal life, you likely find yourself helping, supporting, listening, and giving advice about behaviour change when people get stuck…for free! Now it’s time to turn that amazing gift of yours into a business.

Whether it’s coaching someone to be more confident in life, get healthy, or grow into who they can be as an entrepreneur, your gifts can impact people’s businesses and lives.

Because you have a gift for empathy and a drive to improve the lives of others, you’re able to create personalized coaching experiences that’s tailored to their goals, personality, and values. You also prefer working one-on-one to truly impact in your work, but in time, may be motivated to turn your rich knowledge and tried and tested coaching process to serve a bigger audience in other formats.

Having this type of CLARITY can be HUGELY helpful when planning out WHAT Type of Business You Should Start.

Hold up …let me introduce myself!

Hello, hello 👋

My name is Lydia Lee.

I’m the Work Reinvention Coach & Freedom Instigator from Screw The Cubicle.

Since 2013, I’ve helped hundreds of corporate escapees repurpose their skills into independent careers they love, so they can have the lifestyle dreams they truly desire.

People always say to me, “Lydia, I’d love to design a business to support the life I want, but right now I’m not even sure what business to start!”

And that led me down the path of creating this Quiz & Assessment, so you can get instant clarity about the TYPE of service-based business that’s right for YOU, right now.

Ready to get a little personal?

Read On To Learn Even More About Your “Genius-Zone” & How You Can Apply It To Your Ideal Business Type.


Your Unique Superpower & Strengths To Leverage


Challenges To Watch Out For As You Build Your Business

Ideal products

Ideal Products & Services To Offer Based On Your Personality

Your Superpower Advantage

Inspiration & Motivation

You thrive at helping people create the vision to do big things and guiding them to thrive. Your unique perspective, intuition, and experience make you incredibly valuable to your clients.

Doing Hard Things

You’re great at helping people get out of their own way and mentoring others to shift the way they move past difficult things. People enhance their resilience and self-trust from working with you. Your skills help make their lives better.

Changing Behavior & Habits

You support others with accountability to transform their mindset, behaviour and habits towards the goals they want to achieve. Working with you, your clients can create change on a deep-rooted level.

Unwavering Belief In Others

In your heart of hearts, you believe in the capabilities of humans, and that’s what makes you a ‘secret weapon’ because of the courage you instill in others. With your committed encouragement, they’re able to go forth and do things beyond their comfort zone.

“Know your strengths and take advantage of them.” ~ Greg Norman

Your Challenges

Risk Of Over-Giving

You may fall into the trap of spending too much time talking to everyone or going over the time at coaching calls because you simply love helping, but then feel depleted quickly.

Trying To Help Everyone With Everything

You’re not standing out from the ‘sea of sameness’ of other coaches because you’re positioned as a ‘generalist’ coach rather than a ‘specialist’ coach – people may not be able to really understand clearly what you’re known for.

Lack Of A Coaching “Process”

You could feel overwhelmed in working with so many clients with different problems, where you have to ‘start over’ each time in your coaching process to match their needs – this usually stems from being unclear on the ‘framework’ and boundaries of what you coach on and don’t coach on.

Self-Imposed Pressure

You may not be setting healthy boundaries with clients because you take on the full responsibility for your coaching client’s success, rather than teaching them to stay accountable in doing the deep work themselves.

Your “Genius-Zone” offerings

For someone who’s “The Coach”, the ideal products to focus on creating and selling are things like…

One-To-One Coaching

Where you offer high-value personal mentorship and guidance to support clients intimately towards a goal. One-to-one coaching is a great way to impact powerfully and create long-lasting change for your clients.

Community Courses

Where you turn the framework of your coaching process to create a learning experience for a larger community. I always recommend starting with one-to-one coaching first to ensure you have a confident process for coaching before you turn it into a course.

Masterminds or Group Coaching

Where you create a high-dollar small group of people who meet on a regular basis, led by you, to brainstorm and work together on a chosen topic. The combination of personal mentorship and access to a small group gives clients a rich experience with accountability and community.

In case you’re curious…

The other Service-Based Business Profiles include The Educator, The Producer, The Community Builder, and The Strategist.

But the one I would recommend you consider starting with (based on the little I know about you from this assessment) would be right here in “The Coach” genius-zone.

Do you have secondary strengths and gifts in other realms? I bet you’re a multifaceted human, so it’s very likely!

You can marry your top strengths together to produce even more unique ways of giving value in your business.

For example, you can be “The Coach” profile, but also have strengths that align with “The Educator” profile. Therefore, your primary business model is Coaching, but you can also merge it with your Education brain to produce unique learning experiences that combine mentorship and community learning. This allows you to leverage two different strengths to stand out in your unique genius zone.

So there you have it

The big A to your Q: What Type of Service-Business Should You Start…

There’s an important next step you need to take

Because it’s one big mistake most people make at the beginning process of starting a business…

And it breaks my heart because I know it can take years to discover this mistake (I certainly did it!)…and during that time, it can cost you time, money, stress, and the crappy feelings of self-doubt.

It comes down to an important decision you need to make BEFORE starting your business.

And that decision isn’t WHAT…not what to build or what to create in your business.

It’s actually WHO…as in, the type of human you should serve!

In other words, your marketplace…your NICHE.

Most people forget that as a service-based business, your focus is on PEOPLE.

They spend all their time on WHAT to create and build to sell, and almost zero time zooming into the exact type of ‘soulmate’ client they want to help.

When You Know Your “WHO”, You’ll Get Clear On…

What they’re actively seeking to invest in

What they need to solve their problems (and how they’re talking about it)

What type of offer you’ll create to serve and offer high value

How to craft the right message to invite ideal customers to work with you

Serving the right person and learning how to help them best, is the core of what I guide students to do in my 90 Day Launch Academy.

Learn more about the 6-Phase ‘Idea To Launch’ Foundations I teach to help you launch a meaningful business that you may not be learning anywhere else….take a peek!