You’re ready to start your business with a clear plan of action.

You are at the stage of needing clarity for the steps to launch your business, and want to feel confident about the work you put out there.

You want validation that you have something to offer, and know the right steps to take to launch a side hustle or business idea in an effective way.

You need a plan to launch your business simply without feeling overwhelmed to do ALL the things so you can focus on what matters most as a new entrepreneur.

Your Opportunities:

You are in the perfect spot to create the foundations for your business before it starts.  Just like building a house, your business needs to sit on a solid foundation.

You have the opportunity right now to create the foundation your business will be relied upon, and knowing your foundations will help you to make conscious decisions about your business so you know when to say a “Hell yes!”, or a “F*ck no!” to opportunities that come your way.

“Without a solid foundation you’ll have trouble creating anything of value.”

Your Challenges:

Most people at this stage of creating a business gravitate towards ‘shiny’ things.

You may be looking at your competitors or people you admire, and think, “I have to create a snazzy website and a great looking brand too!”

However, a profitable business (and one you enjoy) isn’t about looking good.  It’s about BEING good instead.

This is the time to put the horse blinders on and remain focus on creating immense value for customers you want to help.  And the great thing about this?

Once you know who you help, what you help with, and why you’re the best person to create results for them, your business will be far easier to promote.

Take the Next Step!

A Step-By-Step Mentorship Program to Create and
Launch Your Business in 90 Days

From creating the best business model that fits your life,  designing a valuable offer your customers rave about, to marketing your work with heart, I arm you with a personalized business launch plan that helps you feel confident to share your amazing work with the world.

In the the 90 Day Launch program, I’ve created a 4-Phase Framework designed to help you go from idea to launch.  

Your big goals to create a business, do work that matters, and build the life you want doesn’t happen by default chance or wishful thinking.

You’ll need a tried and tested strategy.

If you’ve been tired of doing it all alone in trying to figure out the right steps to get started in creating and launching a business, I designed
90 Day Launch just for you.

About your Freedom Instigator

Hi, I’m Lydia!

Since 2013, I’ve been intimately involved in supporting purpose-driven folks to design independent careers and lifestyles they love.

I’m also a gifted skills spotter, meaningful work midwife, and have one hell of an infamous cackle.

Now based in Bali, while running my business from anywhere, I spend my time training entrepreneurs, freelancers and professionals to create meaningful work lives, by teaching them how to combine their strengths and passions to maximize their value in the marketplace.

My work has been published in Forbes, The Huffington Post, featured in The Globe & Mail, and The Telegraph.

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