You’re ready to discover your direction for meaningful work!

You are at the stage of identifying your best skills to repurpose into a more meaningful career.

Your big question at the moment is, “What’s the work I can do that helps me to leave my 9-5?”

You are looking to feel more confident that there are opportunities beyond the cubicle.  You want to learn more about how your skills and strengths can be repurposed to create a new way of making a living for yourself.

Your Opportunities:

You are in the perfect spot to acknowledge what you want to do vs. what you think you have to do.

Take this time to recognize your abilities, and reflect on the types of activities in work that you enjoy.

It’s also a great opportunity to take inventory of your strengths and skills, and make a mental note of how you like to work, the conditions of work that best suit your style of working, and the types of activities you enjoy doing.

This is the perfect time to understand what you enjoy helping with, that could be of value to other people.

“Know your strengths and take advantage of them.”
Greg Norman

Your Challenges:

As you discover more about the work you want to do, there will be a tendency to get ‘rigid’ in the way you define your work.

It’s important to let your mind play and experiment with versions of work directions, even if they don’t seem practical!

You may feel uncomfortable exercising your idea muscle, but know that this is the space to start flexing that muscle to allow yourself to be creative and inventive about ways you can utilize your experience and skills.

Take the Next Step!

Create a Self Employment Plan With Work You Can Love

Want To Work For Yourself, But Have No Idea Where To Begin?  

The Work Reinvented course will arm you with a plan to transition with  an independent career, do meaningful work, & repurpose your skills to be self-employed.

When you learn how to create autonomy over how you make a living, you can be proud of the work you do, make your highest contribution, and build the life you want on your own terms.


How  I’ll  Guide You To Being Your Own Boss

1. Repurpose your skills towards a freedom-based career

We’ll identify your strongest skills and expertise, and why you’re good at it.  You’ll learn how to leverage your existing strengths in different ways, even if you’re a multi-passionate person.  You’re going to feel credible, capable, and confident about what you can offer.

2. Identify your deep interests and use it to build meaning into your career

Deep interest counts for longevity of a great career, and it fuels your creativity and motivation to build a meaningful body of work.  

You’ll learn how to see the tie that binds your passions, interests, and causes you’ve been drawn to. Using a core theme, you’ll be able to direct your skills to contribute to problems worth solving in the world.

3. Get clarity and validation on a business direction to pursue

Ideas for your business niche can be created from the intersection of your skill and deep interests.

You’ll validate your short list of ideas knowing if there’s a market for it, and get clues on how you can approach it differently.

Finally, you’ll create your very own niche that brings together your strongest skills, your interests and the ideal clients you want to work with in your brand new business idea!

You can finally stop procrastinating on those ideas and get the clarity you need to hone your strengths and be in charge of creating a business you can love (without a grumpy boss peering over your shoulders).

About your Freedom Instigator

Hi, I’m Lydia!

Since 2013, I’ve been intimately involved in supporting purpose-driven folks to design independent careers and lifestyles they love.

I’m also a gifted skills spotter, meaningful work midwife, and have one hell of an infamous cackle.

Now based in Bali, while running my business from anywhere, I spend my time training entrepreneurs, freelancers and professionals to create meaningful work lives, by teaching them how to combine their strengths and passions to maximize their value in the marketplace.

My work has been published in Forbes, The Huffington Post, featured in The Globe & Mail, and The Telegraph.

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