You’re ready to create your plan of transition!

You are at the stage of discovering what you value, motivational factors that drive you, and re-envisioning the life experience you want to have.

You want to create goals for your future that is alternative to the 9-5 lifestyle, and need clarity on what the next direction will be for you.

You may have hairy fear monsters creeping in about making the transition, but you don’t want to continue dreaming about “What if?”

Your Opportunities:

You are in the perfect spot to be much more self aware in how you want to define your version of success and life happiness.

When we’ve been running on the treadmill of life, most of us aren’t usually present enough to be aware of what we truly want, if it wasn’t dictated by tradition, society, and our parents.

Take this opportunity to gain deeper insights about your needs, desires, and values to drive your decisions for what’s next for you.

You can start making much more conscious decisions if you know your reasons to take the leap, and a clear vision of how you want to live and work instead.

“Know your strengths and take advantage of them.”
Greg Norman

Your Challenges:

Change isn’t easy.  Very likely, you’ll be feeling self doubt, uneasy, and at times, resistant to making a move.

However, don’t let the feeling of discomfort deter you from pursuing a new path.  Look at the discomfort as a sign that you’re simply releasing yourself from things that feel ‘familiar’, and embarking on exploring opportunities beyond your current reality.

Your challenge here will be to keep an open mind on what the next destination may be for you as you reassess the changes you need to implement in your life to gain more happiness and fulfillment in it.

It can be easy to doubt the process or look for immediate answers, however, the key thing to do now is to utilize your time to know more about what you want (and what you don’t want is helpful too!) in an ideal work and life vision.

Take the Leap!

Create Your Transition Plan in 30 Days

Learn How to Create a Self Employment Plan With Work You Can Love

The Work Reinvented course will arm you with a plan to transition with an independent career, do meaningful work, and repurpose your skills to be your own boss.

When you can learn how to create autonomy over how you make a living, you can be proud of the work you do, make your highest contribution, and build the life you want on your terms.


What  I’ll  Help You Get Clarity On…

Your big focus at this stage should be to clarify what may be necessary for you to change or work towards as high level goals. 

To determine some of these goals, you’ll need to start reflecting on your life.  

What’s missing from it that you need more of?

What DON’T you like about your current way of working?

What is an ideal vision of a good career and life for you?

What are your non-negotiables that you need to prepare before you take your leap?

What are some missing gaps of information, awareness, or knowledge you need to find out about to understand what you need to do?

You’ll need to prepare your current environment to be READY for change.

Key Activities I’ll Guide You to Get Clear On:

1. Get real with your money

So many people never take the leap from fear of money.  

We look at your finances and understanding what the bare minimum (break-even number) that you need to make each month to live a comfortable life.

Knowing your numbers helps you to make conscious choices for your financial goals when you start a side hustle, and gives you a clear picture of the right number to be feeling ‘safe’ for monthly expenses (and also potentially budgeting yourself to save money for a 6 month safety net financial cushion).

2. Know your reasons to leap

What’s your real motivation to take the leap?  

We’ll identify how your core values align with the big changes you’re looking to make in your life – this is your motivating factor.  It’s also something you come back to to remind yourself why it’s worthwhile to invest your time, energy, and focus to making the change.

3. Take inventory of your strengths and skills

We look at how your life and career experience has given you particular skill sets or talents that may be transferable to your next career path.

You’ll get clear on what you’re capable of doing and seeing opportunities in how you can repurpose your skills into an alternative freelance career or business can help you to see possibilities of income beyond the cubicle.

You can repurpose your existing knowledge, expertise, and experience to make a living independently.  Your initial side hustle will likely start from this place (rather than starting something completely out of left field which may come with a learning curve).

Step-By-Step Guidance to Plan Your
Cubicle Escape in 30 Days

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