The Quickest Path to Start Building Your “Exit” Plan

Hi, I’m Lydia!

Your work matters in the world, and my job is to help you get it out there.

There Isn’t Just One Pathway to Take Your Leap to Entrepreneurship.

Most importantly, it’s knowing how to monetize the skills and work you really WANT to do.

I hear a lot from people who ask me, “How do I explore my options while I’m still in a full-time job?”

Or, “How will I feel confident knowing I’ve got something to offer before I spend time and energy on a business?”

There’s an opportunity I teach my clients on how to create ‘safe pastures’ to entrepreneurship.

And it doesn’t require you to jump off a cliff and hope the parachute opens. 🪂

Watch the video below to learn the Quickest Path to Start Building Your “Exit” Plan.

When You Watch The Video, You’ll Learn:

  • How to use a side hustle to confidently transition into full-time entrepreneurship.
  • Why a ‘self-made internship’ builds your confidence to go all-in with your business.
  • How I created career freedom through a side hustle and a consultancy gig to open up a new pathway towards becoming a full-time entrepreneur.

Whether it’s starting it as a side hustle or going ‘all in’, the most important piece is having an idea you can monetize…

Which is exactly what I help with inside the Idea to Income course!

In 6-weeks, I’ll help you turn your existing gifts into a meaningful and profitable business.

If you’re stuck answering the same questions like a broken record…questions like:

  • How can I monetize the skills I already have?
  • What can I offer that I’ll enjoy doing?
  • Can I do work that makes money AND meaning?

Idea to Income is the perfect course to help you go from fuzzy ideas to creating a meaningful business plan that lets you do the work you want!

Here Are 3 Ways We Can Work Together, Whenever You’re Ready..

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