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How to Price Coaching Services & Create Your First Coaching Package

With Lydia Lee

How To Package & Price Your Services As A Coach Or Consultant

If you’ve ever wondered, “I’ve got all this knowledge that I know can really help people, but how do I package my offer effectively as a coach or consultant?” 

This week’s video episode is for you!

In the last 7 years of working with all types of budding service business owners, I can tell you that packaging their expertise into an effective offer to sell is one of the most important things to earn more and build a sustainable business.

Doing this has supported some of my clients who are coaches, nutritionists, consultants, and web designers to not only feel confident in the value of what they’re selling but to stop charging hour by hour and instead, to build a packaged and valuable experience that people actually want to buy.

Now it’s your turn!

In today’s video episode, I’m sharing how you can package and price your services effectively.

If you’re a life coach, health coach, or anyone that runs a service-based business, I want to teach you how to package your offer effectively and sell the invisible transformation that gets your clients to say “Yes!”.

In this video, you’re going to learn…

  • How to Create a Service Roadmap to lead clients to Results (and clearly show your clients the real value of working with you).
  • What’s important to include in the Framework of your offer that helps you stand out in Your Unique Value.
  • How to Sell the Benefits, not the features of your offer, so that you can sell the intangible but Powerful Transformation your services provide.

Watch it below!

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