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On the latest episode of my Cubicle Crashing Podcast, I have Pace Smith (a.k.a. The Pathfinding Coach), who helps sensitive spiritual nonconformists live wild crazy meaningful lives. She’s also an Enneagram podcaster, a teacher, a speaker, a writer, a Sufi dervish, a bi-poly trans gamer geek, an open-source Reiki healer, and a tournament-level Dance Dance Revolution player. Yes, she is the definition of multi-passionate!

Her old career also used to be something completely opposite…and I really enjoyed having a great conversation with Pace about how she dealt with that new shift in direction, how she learned to be more authentic with her life and work, and her amazing wisdom on how to find purpose and follow your heart compass. We will be discussing her background and how it was the polar opposite of what she is doing now, how she was able to get her brain and heart to play nice with one another and how you can quiet all those inner voices in your head to get to the one voice that truly matters: the one of your heart.


5 steps to create dreams for your goals


Episode 17 | Special Guest Pace Smith

In this episode:

  • Pace’s background and what she was doing before she became a Pathfinding Coach
  • How she managed to balance her heart and brain so they could play nice with each other
  • The way she slowly moved out of a 9 to 5, the big lesson she learned and how she finally transitioned into running her business full-time
  • Changing your communication with your own inner voices
  • Finding the true voice of your heart to clearly see what it is that you want and make it happen
  • The little things you can start doing right now to work towards that dream


Memorable Podcast Snippets:

“It does take time to grow a business from scratch, and if you take all this time to grow a business that isn’t the business that you actually want, if it isn’t something you love. It needs to feed you, it needs to fuel you, it needs to sustain you. Sure – the most obvious way it sustains you is by giving you money, but it also sustains you by passion, which is a sneaky little word, because it sounds like the fire that consumes you and burns up, but I think that true passion is more like water, not fire. It’s like the river that’s going to turn your water mill and keep it going.”


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“It was pretty twisty and turn-y, it was a very challenging journey. And it was basically shifting from leading with my brain to leading with my heart and that changes everything. I think the biggest thing that was hard for me is that there is a basic principle you see in change, in change of all kinds, whether it’s the change of a business or a culture or personal change. And it’s that there are three phases of change: there’s thesis, antithesis, and synthesis.

Thesis for me, was to do brainy things. I’m a nerd. I’m really smart.

Antithesis, which is the opposite of thesis, was following my heart. I am doing what I love. I am helping people. I’m a pathfinding coach. I am following my own path and helping other people find theirs. It was basically 100% heart and I threw my brain out with the bathwater, because it was associated with all that stuff that I was trying to leave behind.

And so the synthesis, which is the third step, it puts together, it transcends and includes both of the things and so the way that I view that is now my heart is my CEO but my brain is my COO, my chief operations officer, so my heart says ‘Here’s where we need to go’ and my brain says ‘OK, here’s how we’re going to get there.'”


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“Humans are so interesting. We have so many voices all going off. We’ve got our inner child, our inner critic, the tiny little boy or girl who says ‘listen to me!’ And it can be really hard to hear that soft, still voice especially with all of the clamoring of all of those other voices.
It’s all about learning to tell and distinguish the different voices from each other. And it’s sort of like trying to hear a faint melody in a crowded market. You kind of have to clear out the market and get rid of the people yelling. Part of the work that I do is to quiet and to identify those inner voices so that you can identify the voice of your heart”


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