How to Turn Your Challenges

Into Opportunities to Thrive

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Big Life Changes Require Us To Take Big Bold Moves.

When we want to live a bigger life, we’re likely to experience uncomfortable feelings because we’re out of our comfort zone.

But, when we feel inspired to change the path for our career, or parts of our lives that we’ve gotten familiar with like our work identity, people’s expectations of us, or a lifestyle we’re used to, it’s scary to do something different.

So how do we take that leap to a different life when it all feels so risky?

Overcoming our fears to kickstart our life and career change takes courage, and new practice of a ‘Jedi’ mind trick to reframe how we view our perceived obstacles that keep us stuck from moving forward with our dreams.

🍍Use these Clarity Questions I created in my handy Guide to help you overcome your fear of uncertainty

How You Can Turn Your Challenges into Opportunities

To help you re-frame challenges into opportunities, I’ve invited fellow change activist and my good friend, Solonia Teodros on the show today to inspire you to answer your fear’s call to action.

She drops some amazing wisdom bombs that you’re going to want to hear.

If you’re feeling stuck in a crossroad in your life, whether it’s in personal life changes or career transitions, this conversation is going to support you in removing blocks and obstacles to design the life you dream about.

Conversation Highlights

🍍 Solonia’s experience in changing home bases, relationships, and work transitions

🍍 What’s most misunderstood about change

🍍 Shifting the way we feel about uncertainty and eliminating negative thinking

🍍 How to take risks while still feeling safe in taking action

🍍 What to do when you feel stuck in overthinking

🍍 Defining what’ goals are ‘enough’ when you’re an overachiever

What Your Fears Can Tell You

In every discomfort, fear, and hurdle you’re facing, there are valuable insights in those uncomfortable moments.

It tells you what you deeply long for (you wouldn’t feel scared if you didn’t want it that badly!).

It forces you to think about your own hardwiringwhat are your beliefs, the things you say to yourself, and your assumptions?

Every opportunity you have to do something different despite your fears is a chance for you to exercise your self-resilience muscle and build your tolerance for uncertainty.

It shows you what’s actually important for you to act on to get to the life you want.

This is so powerful.  When you can recognize that fear can be an ally to show you new truths.

I’d Love to Hear From You!

Was there a nugget of wisdom or ‘A-ha’ moment you received from watching my video interview with Solonia?

If so, let me know what inspired you most by commenting below.

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Learn More About Solonia

Solonia has dedicated her life’s work to challenging conventional notions of identity, purpose and impact.

We share a big love for supporting individuals to navigate life changes and empower them to live powerful lives with intention and purpose.

Solonia’s body of work empowers people to thrive by cultivating self-awareness, growth-driven mindsets, meaningful relationships and personal leadership.  

You can discover her work as a Thrive Coach at www.SoloniaTeodros.com.

To reframing your challenges into opportunities to thrive,


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