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I am so excited to interview Amy Scott, who quit her office job to travel the world in 2004 and never looked back. She now keeps a home base in Buenos Aires while she travels the world with her Argentine husband. She’s the founder of Nomadtopia, a hub of information, inspiration, community, and support for others who want to live their ideal life, anywhere in the world. Amy also helps nonfiction writers finish their books through her other business, Nomad Editorial.


We are speaking about the preparation you need to consider for your transition to a nomadic life, and pros and cons of choosing a location independent lifestyle. If you’re someone that’s been in the crossroads of should and must, Amy has some great tips on figuring out what you really want, even if it seems like a pipedream.

I know this is an interview I would’ve loved to have listened to when the idea of digital nomadism and work and travel was so foreign to me. Now that I myself have been living in Bali for the last 4 years, and travelling with my work, I cannot imagine NOT doing it.

The benefits of living abroad to experience new culture, new hobbies, and not to mention the strategic way of exploring much more affordable countries while building a business, is a gift we have access to more commonly than ever before.




Snippets from our interview:

  • How the last 13 years of being nomadic changed what she values since leaving the conventional life
  • What she did to prepare for her transition to a nomadic life
  • Learn how people who are in the crossroads of shoulds and wants figure out what they really want
  • The first steps on sorting out at-home logistics to making an action plan and hitting the road
  • How Amy merges her interests of teaching others to go nomadic, writing, and editing together to find the time to service both businesses at Nomadtopia and Nomad Editorial
  • Weighing the risks of what we have to consider when choosing a location independent lifestyle


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