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On my latest podcast episode, I have Morgan Haines from A Little Creative.  She’s a self described former science nerd and a recovering corporate desk jockey who had worked for years in jobs that felt uninspiring and frustrating. Following the sudden and unexpected death of a friend, Morgan realized what her parents had always been telling her was painfully true: life is short.

Now out of corporate prison, she is a brand strategist and designer for heart-centered yet sweary ladypreneurs at her business.  She is also a tiny human with a big mouth just like me! We will be talking about her escape story, but also her advice on how to create authentic branding for heart centered entrepreneurs.  Branding is a constant topic that comes up with my own coaching clients. Once we have an idea for a business to go with, we want to learn how to market it and ourselves while maintaining authenticity. Find out what the real focuses are that you should be paying attention to and why it’s not all aesthetics!


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Episode 19 | Special Guest Morgan Haines

In this episode:

  • How Morgan broke out of her 9 to 5 and what her tipping point was
  • Her tips on how to infuse yourself into your brand to make it authentically you
  • The birth of her business and how she marketed herself
  • How to utilize your own unique set of skills to start your own venture
  • Her advice to stop playing it safe and start being yourself in your business

Memorable Podcast Snippets:

“My escape was sort of a swift kick in the ass – I got laid off. It was a rather forceful push. I worked for a very corporate environment/architecture firm. It was very male-driven and traditional in its values and clearly I’m not that person.”

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“Now that I’m going into it a couple of years, it definitely is feeling more like me. My business is me. I am my business. And that’s not for everybody, but I never really created it for the intention or idea of growing it to be something largely beyond myself. Things change. Things are revealed to you and paths fork sometimes, but having a long term idea of what you want to make it will help. That also goes into naming and visuals and that sort of thing. For me, I pursued it beyond just freelancing, because I decided that I don’t want it to be personal life and professional life. I just want it to be life. That’s really how I’m trying to build and operate my business.”



“In the beginning, I played vanilla. I cleaned it up. And I left all of this stuff out. I have a very polarizing personality. People either love me or they hate me. They are equally passionate about it. In a corporate setting, it was usually, ‘I don’t like that girl.’ And it didn’t work because being this direct, straightforward and honest person was not an admirable quality in the environment I was in.”



“Yeah, it sucks that you’re out of work. But never again will you have this opportunity to really be intentional about what your next step is going to be.”


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