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On this episode of my podcast, I talk with Monty Hooke, the Founder & CEO of ‘Ezy VA’, and the author of the new book Business Hacker, which is aimed at entrepreneurs who need guidance in being more productive and finding efficient ways to strive in their businesses. He specializes in helping entrepreneurs buy more of their time back, so that they can do the aspects of their business they really enjoy doing, and learn to delegate the rest.  This results in more efficient action, and the ability to build your small business to something larger, if you wish.

After talking to Monty, it made me evaluate my own processes with hiring out the many pieces I need to implement in creating my next big project for 2016 – the “Turn my idea into an offer” e-course.  I actually got really excited to start separating what my role was in non-negotiable tasks, and what the other tasks were that I could outsource.

Even if you don’t currently have a business yet, but you’re building it, this is an amazing episode for you to listen to because there may actually be parts of your launch or business building process that may make sense for you to outsource…so YOU can focus on the parts you do best in.


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Episode 21 | Special Guest Monty Hooke

In this episode:

  • Monty’s background growing up in Sydney and how he started his first business at the age of 8
  • What drove him into wanting to become and entrepreneur
  • How his own struggles as an entrepreneur led him to start Ezy VA
  • Why you should have a great support team around you so you can do the tasks you truly excel at
  • His advice on easily and efficiently outsourcing work on a budget you can afford

Memorable Podcast Snippets:

“It’s been a long, long journey in entrepreneurship. I actually had my first business when I was 8 years old. The seed was planted very early with me, and when I look back I’ve actually been blessed in some way. The reason I had my first business when I was 8 is because I grew up on a boat in Sydney Harbour. And my first business was cleaning boats in the harbor and the reason I grew up on a boat, is not because we were rich as many might assume, it was actually because we were quite poor by normal standards in Australia.

Now as an adult, I realize I had it better than most of the people in the world. But I was driven by a lack. I saw that other people had more than me and that’s really what drove me. And whilst that was something that I decided at a very young age, it kind of planted the seed for me in that I’ve never followed the normal life. I’ve never conformed.”

“As an entrepreneur, we get trapped at doing everything and we don’t necessarily know what we’re gifted in. We come up with an idea and we do everything in the business but there’s really only a really small fraction in the business of what you should and shouldn’t be focused on and then you should have other people and systems around you to support that. But I didn’t have that awareness myself and then when I started having that awareness, then I started becoming passionate about leverage.

I started outsourcing a lot of things and started building my team and that lead me to realize that there was a gap in the market where I wasn’t supported in outsourcing and that really lead me to creating Ezy VA in 2011 which is an offshore, outsourcing company with offices in the Philippines and we’re really driven by being able to support entrepreneurs to get to the core of what they’re really good at, whilst we provide staff, our mandate really is to help entrepreneurs to build an enterprise to support their freedom and it’s not about making money so that you can buy your freedom, it’s about creating a life and a business where you can find freedom and then that’s where the magic happens and where you make the money anyway.”




“So many of us get into business with the view that we want some freedom. We want a life of choice and we want to create something for ourselves, but more often than not, people get trapped in that space and they end up doing everything and there’s a lot of misconception out there in the market these days.”




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