Career Reinvention at Midlife

Tips to Transition to a New Path
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Looking to Make a Midlife Career Change?

This week’s video was inspired by a question from a member in my community.

Karen asks, “I’m curious about midlife career professionals who may have less appetite for risk because we’re concerned about ageism and staying competitive with younger entrepreneurs that are more savvy – can you do a video about this?”

This video is dedicated to you, Karen!

At midlife and in mid-career, you’re armed with experience and with experience you’ve gained answers to what drives you and lights you up, and what doesn’t.

Your professional and life experience have also armed you with seasoned tools to do bigger things.

Watch the video below to get my helpful tips on transitioning to a new path using your seasoned years of self-knowledge and experience, without feeling the need to compete with the younger generation.

Reinvent Yourself: How to Live Out Your Vision For a Meaningful Life and Career

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