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How to mentally prepare for your escape from the 9-5

With Lydia Lee

Today I want to talk about something which some freedom craving, wanna be cubicle escapees, overlook when they are working flat on their exit strategy: Mental preparation for your transition from the 9-5.

Whether you are considering experimenting with freelancing, consulting, or starting a business, there is so much practical considerations – money, time, location and many others that we sometimes forget a key ingredient.

Mental preparation for leaving the security and routine of a 9-5 existence.

Your mindset, approach, and belief in what is possible for you depends on how often you consistently move forward despite fear, doubt, and yes, failure.

It wouldn’t matter if I gave them the most ideal escape plan, create a strategic plan for their business, or help them budget well for their D-day of quitting.

If they don’t believe they can do this, or have done the work to feed evidence to their critical minds by seeing actions through, they will never leave the cubicle.

Knowing what I know today, and because I want to help you to bypass the years of self doubt and sabotage, I filmed a video to give you some direction for what is ACTUALLY the most important thing to put energy and effort into, when you are planning your transition from your 9-5.

 Key aspects to consider when mentally preparing

  • Decide on what you want (or what you don’t want)
  • Truly understand the reason for your ‘exchange’
  • Play and experiment before you put all your eggs in one basket
  • Dedicate time and focus on your plan (it doesn’t work unless you work)
  • Don’t suffer alone

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