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Hello purpose-seekers! This episode I will be diving into a meaningful conversation with my friend Megan Hale. Megan is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Board Certified Coach specializing in life purpose and career fulfillment. She works with men and women who are tired of having to choose between success and happiness. She believes you can have it all if you have the guts to go after what you really want and live life by your own rules.

Episode 3 | Megan Hale, Purpose + Leadership Coach

In this episode:

  • Megan’s journey to screwing the cubicle
  • How you don’t have to choose between success and happiness – you can have them both
  • How, in as little as 18 months, Megan launched and grew two successful businesses (one brick & mortar and one online)
  • Her advice for anyone searching for meaning and purpose in their life and career
  • Why everything always comes back to purpose
  • Information on her Launch Your Business group program starting March 16th

Memorable Podcast Snippets:

“I escaped the 9-5 in June of 2013 when I went down to part-time and launched my private counseling practice. Less than 6 months later, I quit the 9-5 completely and pursued entrepreneurship 100%. In as little as 18 months, I’ve launched and grown two successful businesses (one brick & mortar and one online) and haven’t looked back since!”

“I was working in managed care and was tired of seeing clients I cared about being treated like another number for the bean counters. I wanted to create a business where I could do things my way, treat my clients with the respect and attention they deserved, and create scaleable income that moved away from the dollars for hours model. I was also ready for freedom and to put all my eggs in my own basket where I could either sink or swim, but the option was up to me. This ride has been one of the most soul-searching, personally developing, and spiritually rewarding experiences I could have ever imagined. It’s by far the best choice I’ve made for my overall life satisfaction and career fulfillment!”




“Everything comes back to purpose. The deepest clarity and confidence come from being intimately tied to your purpose. It unlocks all your gifts and talents, allows you to be at your Highest Expression, and encourages you to be at your Highest Service. This allows you to sell yourself and your services/offerings with authenticity, which creates a strong foundation for success. Purpose also gives you vision for the long-haul. It helps build emotional resiliency, a necessary requirement for becoming successful as an entrepreneur, and soul-level character. When you act in accordance with your purpose, everything feels good. And when you feel good, you attract more clients, close more sales, and build a following with more ease than you ever thought possible.


Resources listed on the show:

Learn more and get in touch with Megan

Website: https://www.megan-hale.com

Launch Your Business group program: https://www.megan-hale.com/launch-your-business/ 

E-mail: hi@megan-hale.com


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