How to Crack Through the Invisible Ceiling and Step into the New Reality You Know Is Meant for You

Mechanics of a Breakthrough with Anne Perry

As a bold soul who dares to dream outside of the status quo hamster wheel existence, you know the dedication it takes to rise to meet your desires, even in the face of all the shoulds, can’ts, and not-gonna-happens swirling around (inside and out).

And, when you know in your heart you’re one of the brave ones who doesn’t just wish for it, but who goes for it, it’s beyond frustrating when you can practically taste the new reality you envision and yet it feels like there is some invisible force field holding it just barely out of reach.

At my signature program, the Academy of Cubicle Crashers, I invite and handpick amazing guest experts to interview them on their inspiring stories on life and work reinvention.

Today, you get a sneak peek on the types of conversations we have at the Academy!

I invited Anne Perry, founder of Else, a digital society offering creative ways to experience a life connected to what matters most, and a simplified path to make your most inspiring dreams possible. I can’t wait for you to meet her and learn from her in this guest expert interview!

After spending her early adult years burdened by debt and suffocating in jobs that drained the life out of her, Anne reinvented her life. She set up ways to work remotely while traveling around the world, and has spent a decade living “tiny” in cottages, motorhomes, and houseboats. She has built several successful businesses that allow her to make a difference in the world doing exactly what she loves, with the freedom to take baths on Tuesday afternoons.

In this illuminating session, Anne will guide you to discover exactly where you are hitting your own ceiling, why your breakthrough is closer than you think, and how to catalyze it NOW so you can finally get your most cherished dreams out of your head and into your real life.

Watch our video below as Anne shares her advice how you can become a true master of breakthrough and step into the new reality you know is meant for you:


Snippets from the interview:

  • The ‘Comfort Zone’ Myth — Why being in your comfort zone isn’t necessarily a ‘bad’ thing and why we need to stop comfort zone shaming ourselves
  • A physical map of what breakthrough actually looks like, so you can identify your experience & correct course as needed at every step as you move toward the new reality you are creating for yourself
  • How to identify exactly where you are actually stuck, even when you feel like you’re doing all the right things — and the super simple shift you can make to catapult yourself forward
  • A framework you can come back to again and again, to support you in creating the best life possible in all ways
  • How to become a true Master of breakthrough

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