I was in full envy of people who were writing articles and blog posts that told their stories on how they got the courage to leave their corporate identity behind.  I was even more green with envy when I stumbled upon stories of people in pursuit of freedom that were unconventional and driven by a sense of meaning and purpose.

One of these people was Scott Dinsmore.

I remembered reading a Scott’s blog and watching his Tedx talk about “How to find and do work you love”.  I also remembered thinking, “Wow!  I wish I could get paid to spread such a deep message like that”.

My heart yearned to be like Scott and have an authority over such a powerful message that would impact people’s lives.

Who am I to do this kind of work?  I barely knew myself at the time years ago, sitting at my own cubicle, that I would have the ability to do anything close to what Scott has done with his message and with his community. Although my biggest work to date that would come in the form of Screw The Cubicle, I did not start with this mission.  I created my first business to quit my job, which ended up being a great experience, however, I knew there was more meaningful work I could be doing with something I cared more about deeply. Scott planted the seed for me to start where I am.  To keep going until that “thing” enters my life.

And eventually, it did.



The pursuit of legacy and a footprint

When I used to think of a good business idea for me to create, I would think of what would sell, or what may be the next biggest trend out there.  Scott’s work with Live Your Legend inspired me to look at work in a different perspective.  Along with other inspirational people who’s perspective was closer to my own personal definition of “work”, like Simon Sinek (Start With Why) and Jonathan Mead (Paid to Exist), Scott’s amazing work with helping people find their passion to translate into the work they will do no doubt moved me to where I am today.


I believe the world would be an altogether different place if we all did work that actually mattered to us.


This was Scott’s mantra.  His work to help people find their passion, and to teach them how to connect with others to create their dream career that they can be proud of was his living legacy.

His own legacy inspired tens of thousands of people to look at work as a way of leaving a legacy.  That footprint and ripple effect we want to have in the world with the time that we have here on earth.  The idea that your work can be more than just the thing to pay the bills, it can be your life’s work.  Where everything you do, the conversations you have, the way you serve, can be leading you to deliver the message and mission of your personal legacy.

Having my own world immersed in reading and following people just like Scott, it helped me recondition what I believed was possible for me.  Even if at one moment in time, it may feel like the work I want to do is way too big for me to take on.  Scott’s words helped me grow into my brilliance, and to start where I was.


The loss of a legend

I have never met Scott in real life.  But I have followed his work and way he conducted his life immensely.  A few years ago, I reached out to message him on Facebook to tell him how much I loved his work, and we added each other on Facebook.

This week, I remembered just seeing his latest Instagram post about how he was going off grid and about to embark on a trek to fulfill one of his most loved passions of adventure.

I was mindlessly scrolling on my newsfeed, when I saw the news that Scott had died in a rockfall accident climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, during his world tour with his wife.


Scott Dinsmore and his wife, Chelsea, before heading to Tanzania.

Scott Dinsmore and his wife, Chelsea, before heading to Tanzania.

It literally stopped me in my tracks.  I felt like someone I knew personally has just died.  It hit close to home.

Perhaps it was because I saw my own life experience being very similiar to how Scott has lived his.  Almost like Scott was the future version of who I aspire to be, and I was seeing what the future could look like for me through Scott’s current life.  My heart felt extremely heavy and I could not work for the rest of the day trying to digest what’s happened, and reflect upon how this made me feel about my life as well.

How was I so emotionally moved by a man who I’ve never met, who I could’ve viewed as a competitor, and why did it nudge me to remember the “why” of my choices in my life and work?


Never underestimate the impact of your work on your tribe

I have never bought a course or book from Scott Dinsmore.  Part of the reason was because I didn’t want to have it influence my own.  But I loved his voice and how he delivered his value authentically to the people that need him the most.

I also know others who have never paid a cent for Scott’s course materials, but belong to his Facebook groups and were inspired by his love for community and collaboration with like-minded people to spread his message.

Seeing the outpour of love and support that came from his tribe in the last few days has been moving.  From people saying he was the spark that helped them believe in themselves, to personal interactions people have ever had with him that proved Scott did things for a bigger purpose than money, he was a kind hearted human being that just wanted to share the simple concept of how the world would be a better place if people did what they loved.

He never claimed to be the expert.  Just to share what he knows along the way.  As he grew as a person, so did his tribe.

Sometimes, when we do work that means something to us, it can scare us to think “Will people agree with what we have to say and am I really making a difference?”  I know I have done so.  It’s easy to fall into the trap of only seeing the impact of your work based on the number of sales you are making.

Scott’s legend of his work proves otherwise.  That your work impacts beyond your control.  That your ONLY work you should be doing is being as authentic as you can be with your work, showing up as consistently as you can, and giving value as much as you can without expectation.

And the tribe that you are meant to lead, will spread the word for you.

The impact of his message and mission rippled far beyond what he was being paid to create.  His generosity of his time to attend the Live Your Legend meet-ups around the world was for pure pleasure and to connect.  And the people who was able to experience a piece of Scott’s magic will have their lives transformed from the smallest to the largest way possible.


My gratitude to Scott

Scott, you left this world doing the thing you loved, while inspiring people to live their own legendary lives.

Thank you, Scott, for being one of the sparks in my life.  For planting the seed early on, so that I can be led to do the work that I am doing today.  For inspiring me to start from purpose, and honour the deep call inside of me, and to trust that voice.

Thank you for showing the way with your own unique brilliance, so that I can stand true with my own.

The world has lost someone amazing way too early, but the legacy of your work can be seen fuelling the other change-agents of the world that have ever had the pleasure of seeing your work.

To many more Scott Dinsmores that will ever walk the earth, and for the people who follow their hearts.