When you start a business, it can be easy to feel completely overwhelmed on what to do next.

Trust me, I’ve been there.  From trying to figure out how my website should be designed, to the right colours for my brand, and learning all about the technology tools I need for my digital business, I wanted to bury my head into the sand.

Are you feeling this way too?  The feeling of needing to do all the things, but yet not getting anywhere in your business?

Overwhelm of not knowing what to do next or having way too much information in your face in the digital age we live in can confuse anyone stepping into the starting stage of entrepreneurship.  We think we need to learn the newest tricks with Facebook ads, or take that Pinterest course, but I want to challenge you to focus on what really matters for your business today.

And what is that you ask?

It’s mastering and getting really good at what you do in your area of expertise.

Focus on being good instead of simply looking good in your business.

Being good at what you do not only benefits your clients to want to work with you, on a personal level, it gives you the utmost confidence you need to talk about your work and proudly selling what you do.

Expertise comes from DOING.  When you do more of the work you’re hoping to be paid to do, you must start by doing the work NOW, not when your website or logos are finished.

Most people focus so much on the shiny objects (think websites, logos, graphics, marketing pieces) before they do the real work that truly MATTERS for their business to be credible and trusted by consumers that want to hire them.

Truthbomb:  People don’t pay you because of your snazzy website or funky logo.  They pay you because they know you can help them solve a problem they are struggling with.

I am so fired up about this topic of laser focusing on HELPING and giving VALUE and I talk more on this on today’s Facebook live stream in my private group, The Unconventionalists.

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Focus on being good rather than looking good in your business

When people are just starting out in business, perfectionism keeps them stuck in not doing the right activities to bring them closer to their goals.

So you sit there feeling depleted over too many things to do, and not receiving good results from these activities.

When I first started my business, I was so focused on how the “outside” of my business looks, that I completely overlooked the real reason why people would buy my services in the first place…my value and why my help matters for people who will pay me.

Getting clear on those pieces are so much more essential than choosing your colour palette for your website.

When I work with my coaching clients to create and launch their businesses, we do not wait for a website to be designed before doing the real work, which is working with real humans.

The beta testing stage of any services or products is essential before you spend money and effort into the snazzy website and beautiful graphics.

You want to know for sure that your work is validated through a process with real clients, and use that information of feedback to create your offers or packages that you are confident will sell.

Why?  Because you would have done the work to ensure your process works with people, and have the testimonials to prove it.


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Start by building genuine relationships

Whether you are in the business creation stage or launch stage of your business, your business requires people.  Your revenue and power to earn depends on the quality of the relationships you cultivate and nurture.

How many people a week, or even a day, are you speaking to?

Specifically, how many people do you help daily and weekly?

If that number is low, it’s no surprise your bank account will be low too.

In Rich Litvin’s book, The Prosperous Coach, he says, “Regardless what business you are in, as a coach, or as a lawyer, when your focus is to help your clients, you will be successful”.

The genuine intimacy and value you give potential clients or people you meet day to day IS the best strategy you’re going to have to convert interested people to paying clients.

Intimacy is the new black.

What are ways that you can show up for your work and show up for your clients, even before they pay you?  How can they get a taste of your brilliance and magic in such a powerful way that they ask to work with you instead of you trying to “sell yourself”?

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What activities can you be doing to bring you closer to being in front of your ideal client?

If you put the shiny objects onto the side, what activities can you be mastering and consistently doing to ensure you are giving value, sharing your skills, and authentically helping people that may be potential clients?

And how can these activities showcase you “being good” at your craft and creating credibility for your expertise?

If you are more comfortable speaking and can get your thoughts across more clearly that way, consider videos or live streams.  You don’t even need your own Facebook page or group to do this.  Simply go on a group that holds the audience you want to help, and do a live stream to teach them something without even selling them anything.

If you are a better writer, focus on creating blog posts that are most relevant to your client’s urgent problems, and really give them some kickass value that they can implement right away.  Give away templates, cheat sheets, free courses, anything that you can foresee helping them get a first initial win.

Then do as many of those activities often, daily, weekly, whenever you have the time, to bring commitment and focus to truly being of service.

Pick one or two things to seriously focus on for 30 days to see the rewards that can come with consistent action.

And I promise you, you’ll get more traction of getting clients and being paid to what you love to do faster than doing the other thousand and one things on your list.

Talk to me in the comments – What activities are you going to commit to focus on to bring intimacy and give real value to the people that need you the most?  And what are one or two actions you’re going to do for the next 30 days to see them through?