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Gain Lifestyle Freedom With A Better Than Big Business

With Lydia Lee

Want Lifestyle Freedom? How A ‘Better Than Big’ Business Can Get You There.

We’ve all been bombarded with messages that tell us that bigger is better.

But is a bigger business the only way to be a successful business owner?

These days, designing a business that gives me lifestyle freedom has been SO important for me to live the life I want to have.

But I wasn’t very conscious about the decisions I was making 7 years ago when I started my very own business for the first time.

I fell into the trap of looking at what ‘everyone else’ was doing in the coaching industry, and I’d admit that I certainly took on a few strategies that just didn’t work for me.

Intentionally designing how you deliver your services, what you offer, and how you want to work in your business is what all purposeful business owners need to do if they want to build a business they’re excited to keep growing,

I think it’s time to have a conversation about what it really looks like to run a simple, sustainable business that makes the life and lifestyle you desire possible.

So, I invited Ashley Gartland, host of the Better Than Big podcast, to challenge this misconception that in order to earn more, we have to go big.

As a mother of two energetic daughters and a desire to create space in her schedule for trail runs and family adventures, Ashley learned how to do less and grow more, to be able to run a six-figure coaching business in 25 hours a week, and leave plenty of time for other priorities in her life, and these days, it’s homeschooling the kids. 

Come join us below for this conversation about how we can do business, on our terms… so that it can serve the life we want to be living.

What You’ll Learn In This Interview…

  • How do we grow our businesses by getting better not bigger, and why this should matter.
  • What are the essential questions we should be asking ourselves to build the ideal business model and approach to how we want to work?
  • The common myths that coaches are told to do to grow their business, but may not be in service of strengths and lifestyle choices.
  • My own story of running a ‘passive’ business model and why it took me away from the passion for my work (and what I’ve learned to do instead).
  • Creative ways service-providers and coaches can package and deliver their work in a way that aligns with their personality and most importantly, their lifestyle choices.

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Learn More About Ashley Gartland!

Ashley helps service-based business owners and online entrepreneurs simplify and streamline their business using intentional business design, simple systems and focused growth strategies.

Her mission is to help business owners stop feeling overworked and overwhelmed and start feeling like they have the tools and support to grow to the next level while working less.

On her Better Than Big podcast, Ashley brings you weekly conversations and transparent interviews with business owners who are committed to growing with intention, not overwhelm.

Check out her website and be sure to listen in on her wonderful podcast!

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