Meaningful Business

Lean on Your “Secret Sauce” to Start Your Business

With Lydia Lee

Your Existing Strengths are One Big Piece to Clarify Your “Sweet Spot” For Meaningful Work.

But it’s not the only piece.

Imagine that your skills are just tools on your tool-belt. On its own, it’s just another tool someone else may have.

But how you use those tools, and even better, the combination of tools you use to solve problems makes your work more valuable to others.

Most importantly, you need to connect your skills to align with your deep interests and how you truly want to make an impact with your work.

This bigger purpose ‘breathes new life’ into the skills you currently have.

Learning how and where to deploy your mastery helps you to choose a more meaningful body of work you want to start as a business.

Let me explain how to Lean on Your Corporate Strengths as Your “Secret Sauce” to Start Your Business in the video below.

When You Watch The Video, You’ll Learn:

  • Why an ideal ‘skills inventory’ shows you what strengths you want to move forward into your business.
  • Why your ‘job title’ for your business (i.e. coach, copywriter, etc.) won’t set you apart, but defining the “why” behind your work attracts your ideal clients.
  • The importance of choosing the right business model that’s aligned with your personality type so can enjoy making money in your genius-zone.

In my 6-week course, Idea to Income, you’ll learn how to match your personality type with the right business model that amplifies your strengths and unique advantages.

Goodbye feeling confused about starting the perfect business for you. 👎

Hello to knowing you can create a business that’s authentically YOU! 🥳

When you join to learn with me on Idea to Income, I’m going to teach you how to monetize your skills and start a business doing what you love.


You’re crystal clear on the work you love, the niche you’re meant to serve, the business plan that helps you serve them, and the action plan to get your first paying client!

You’ve taken your idea to income in just 6 weeks!

And the best part is what gets to be possible next! 😉

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