Launching A Virtual Assistant Business (without fancy marketing & tactics)

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From A 10-Year Executive Assistant Career To Launching A Virtual Assistant Business.

“I don’t know if I’m cut out to be an entrepreneur.”

This is what Melissa Strange told herself after many years of contemplation about leaving her 10-year corporate career as an Executive Assistant.

But one day, Melissa made a choice that her deepest desire to have a life on her terms was bigger than her fears of believing in herself.

So how did she muster up the courage to pursue the unknown world of entrepreneurship, repurpose the skills she had, and start building her business?

This is what I’m uncovering in my conversation with her that I’m excited to share with you!

Melissa’s currently a 90 Day Launch student. She’s admittedly said she’s not even halfway through the program yet, but has accomplished her goal of getting paid clients and launching (imperfectly).

She share her experience of being a part of this program and what she’s accomplished so far as a first time business owner.

Without relying on a fancy website, glitzy branding, or marketing tactics that aren’t aligned with her introvert personality type, Melissa’s proven that giving value generously and building relationships one human at a time can be an authentic approach to build a business.

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In Our Conversation, You’ll Learn:

  • How she stopped believing she had to learn more and do more courses and took action to grow into the right direction instead.
  • The core mindset shifts that was necessary for her to build confidence and self-belief as a business owner.
  • Why she gives herself permission to feel scared but take imperfect action anyway.
  • How she got paying clients and started her business without a fancy website (and even before she finished the 90 Day Launch program!).
  • What she did to reframe “selling” as an introvert by building genuine relationships and giving value on FB groups.

Connect With Melissa Strange!

Melissa is a nature lover, world traveller, music fan and self-development devotee.

She currently lives in sunny Brisbane, Australia, and has also spent time living and working in the UK.

With a wealth of experience in various senior level administrative roles, including 10 years as an Executive Assistant and International Relations Manager, Melissa recently transitioned her skills to start her Virtual Assistant business, MKS Virtual.

Melissa is passionate about supporting female coaches and heart centred business owners in the personal and professional development industries.

She helps them to get organized, simplify their systems and regain time and energy to focus on what they love and do best.

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