Learn how to launch a business you love designed from your strengths, values, and personality.

You want to

START YOUR dream business.

But You’re Feeling All Over The Place When It Comes To Turning Your Fuzzy Idea Into A REAL Business.

This FREE Training will teach you how to start the right business that’s meant for you, learn the foundational building blocks to launch your business, and start making a real impact with the work you want to do.

In this workshop


🙅‍♀️ The 4 biggest misconceptions most new business owners make about what they need to start their business, and what you can do to gain real traction for your business.

💡 How to design a personally fulfilling business by leveraging your ‘Genius Zone’ a.k.a. your strengths, values, and personality (and create a business that feels more like YOU).

🎯 The uncomplicated way to figure out your niche so you can package your expertise and sell a valuable service people actually want, with confidence.

🚀 How I’ve supported new Service-Based Business Owners and Solopreneurs to launch a business they love in 3 months without fussy tech or complicated strategies.


“Lydia is the reason behind many of my personal breakthroughs this year.  I started my coaching practice, and launched corporate trainings and team development workshops with some of the biggest organizations in Singapore. I’ve been able to fearlessly tackle my personal and creative challenges head on with the laser focus coaching!”

Daniel Lim

7-Figure Entrepreneur & Best Business Podcast Finalist in Asia

This workshop is perfect for you if…

🍍 You’re a budding or new coach, consultant, designer, or any other service-based solopreneur who’s just getting started in your business.

🍍 You’ve read all the books and consumed a lot of information, but when it comes to launching your own business, you have no idea where to start.

🍍 You’re procrastinating on taking real action for your business because you don’t feel ‘experienced’ or ‘good enough’ to put yourself out there.

🍍 You want to learn authentic and meaningful strategies to start your business, and don’t want to get bogged down by fussy technology or complicated strategies.

I understand what it’s like to feel overwhelmed on trying to figure all the pieces of building a business on your own. 

This is exactly why I’ve created How To Launch A Business You Love
to take you from being all over the place to FINALLY knowing how to build a meaningful business you’re confident to start.

Ready To Launch A Business You Love?

Hi, I’m Lydia!

I’m the Work Reinvention Coach & Small Business Strategist at Screw The Cubicle.

Since 2013, I’ve helped hundreds of people transition out of the golden corporate handcuffs, develop successful self-employment strategies, and create impact in the work they want to do. 

In other words, I help you find the direction, pathway, courage, and clarity to make your business a 100% expression of your gifts, values, and personality. 

Side effects may include enjoying work again, an urge to tell every stranger what you do, and smashing an office printer on your last day of employment like the dudes from Office Space (OK, maybe that last one was more of a metaphor)!