How To Successfully Launch A Business As An Introvert

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Launching A Real Estate Consulting Business As An Introvert.

One of the many questions I get from introverts who want to become their own boss is “Do I have to shout from the rooftops to get my business seen as an introvert?”

…and then they give me the panicked death stare 😳.

How can you launch a business as an introvert while honouring the “quiet power” and strengths you have (without resorting to being someone you’re not)?

There are so many valuable ways introverts can design their business to market, serve clients, and share their voice.

If they intentionally choose activities that allow them to shine authentically, they can create a thriving business on their terms.

This is the conversation I’m having with 90 Day Launch student, Shira Ali, who generously shares her experience of launching her business with meaningful strategies that amplify her introvert strengths.

In our interview together below, she reveals the decisions and mindset shifts she’s made to embrace her qualities as an introverted business owner.

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In Our Conversation, You’ll Learn:

  • Why Shira decided to take the leap to being an entrepreneur even though she’s had a successful career that spans almost two decades in the real estate industry.
  • What was missing for her when she first decided on real estate investment as a side hustle, and why helping others to be better property managers became more fulfilling.
  • How Shira consciously chose activities that amplified her introverted strengths, and the mindset shift she cultivated to share her voice.
  • Why the journey of being a business owner was a “therapeutic” experience for her to connect deeply with who she is and learn about her values and strengths.
  • How she chooses to still be around people for support as an introvert, but on specific terms that jive well with her personality type.
Shira showing a little of her Caribbean roots, with her two sisters and her daughter in NYC.

Connect With Shira Ali!

With almost two decades of property management knowledge and experience in managing commercial and multifamily assets, Shira gives her clients VIP access to the processes that professional property managers use to manage their properties without overwhelm.

Through one-to-one support, she helps aspiring, new, and experienced real estate investors to lay the groundwork and create successful systems to enjoy a thriving real estate investment.

She’s a mom to a wonderful daughter, and a textbook introvert – INFJ-A (to be specific).

Learn more about Shira’s work on her website, and download her guide for the 8 Tips For New Investors.

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