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This episode,  I have Keith Clarke from Life Coach X, where he helps members of Generation X get the most out of their relationships and careers.  Generation X are people that are born somewhat between 1961 – 1981, where Keith believes It’s even more important at their time of life that they don’t settle for what doesn’t make them happy.

The craving for the freedom to find our passion isn’t limited to a specific age group of people.  In our conversation, we speak about what Generation X are most looking for in terms of fulfillment in their careers, their most common fears, and what they can start doing to overcome that feeling of “is it too late for me”.


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Episode 15 | Special Guest Keith Clarke

In this episode:

  • Keith’s turning point and what made him take the path as an entrepreneur
  • How a marriage breakdown also made him reflect on what was most important to change
  • How travel across southeast Asia reenforced his belief in himself to be an entrepreneur
  • Coaching Generation X on doing something for themselves that they are passionate about
  • Why age has nothing to do with you going after what you want


Memorable Podcast Snippets:

“I think everything needs to crash every now and again just to reassess. Otherwise, we get comfortable and stuck into this rut where we start to become dependent on this way of life we’ve got. And the longer we’re in it, the scarier it is to pull out of it.”

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“I went on my first sabbatical to Southeast Asia for 3 1/2 months and it was brilliant. I went to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Bali. I had never done anything like that before and the sensible side of me looks back on that now and says, ‘Maybe you could have waited and done that later,’ but I don’t regret that at all.

I think it actually taught me a lot about myself and what I needed in life, and if anything, it’s reaffirmed my decision to stay on this path of working for myself. The doors that it opens up. The opportunity to travel taught me how to connect with strangers and friends, how to live on a shoestring, all these things that are really valuable in the last 6 months since I’ve come back.”


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“Prepare for a long game. Prepare to do the things that may feel like going backwards to keep moving forwards. I have made some invaluable connections with people online. This is crucial!. Reach out and say hi to people.
When I was starting I knew nothing. I had nothing to offer. I find myself now giving advice to others. It’s strange really because I am still in the starting phase, but it’s nice to be able to help others out. It feels like things are starting to click. Suddenly strangers turn into friends and the feeling of being a newbie starts to disappear.
I see the whole thing like compound interest. A little every day for a long time with little or no return and then it bumps. Then it bumps again. Then it leaps. This is what keeps me going. So many people fail I think because of this, simply because they don’t continue. I just keep reminding myself of compound interest. And keep moving.”



5 steps to create dreams for your goals



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Life Coach X Website




Keith’s First E-book: Gen X Marks The Spot – Be The Hero In Your Own Story



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