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This episode, I’m joined by Julie Gohring, who is a certified personal trainer, fitness and lifestyle expert who helps women look and feel their absolute best. She believes fitness can be a transformative tool that can help women harness their own personal power.

Trading office views for ocean views, Julie re-invented her life to create a career out of what she loves, that helps solve a problem she struggled with as a corporate prisoner in San Francisco.

She is also the co-creator of Saltwater Fit, an online community of fit & healthy people who believe there is a deeper, more joyous way to being healthy.  These days, you’ll find her working alongside her boyfriend (cool story of synchronicity in the podcast by the way!), where they have a fitness outfit on the tropical beaches of Costa Rica.

Following her heart led Julie to create impact with her natural abilities and interests close to her heart, and eventually also led her to find the love of her life, who she shares her work with.

Episode 5 | Special Guest Julie Gohring

In this episode:

  • How she was finally able to strategically escape her cubicle
  • Her passion for fitness and how it led her into creating a fitness community, both online and in person
  • How she went from the corporate world to now living in Costa Rica and her tips for people wanting to live abroad
  • How fitness can be a source of power for someone
  • How to leverage your skills to be more mobile and virtual than ever

Memorable Podcast Snippets:

“I look back now and I remember – and it typically happened towards the end of my day when I was driving in my car home from work after visiting  lot of physicians, I would have this reoccurring conversation in my head and I literally just was very aware that I felt tired and bored and not that great and I would start reminding myself of all the things I should be happy about like I had this great job that I was good at and it was secure and I lived in San Francisco in this cute apartment. I had friends, my family and they were healthy. I had all of these things and I should feel happy, but there was just this disconnect. I didn’t. And so it was having that over and over that made me realize that something is off here and I kind of realized that I bought into this story of “do well in school, excel, get a good job, make great money, maybe buy a house in that time period, and do all these things, and you’ll be happy and I kind of got to where I was ‘supposed to be’ and wasn’t really feeling that. So that sort of got me searching deeper and realizing that something needed to change.”


“I ended up feeling almost guilty about not feeling happy and what happened after I started this process…I started exploring myself and if all of these fears, or if where I lived didn’t matter, if prestige didn’t matter, if none of it mattered, what would I do? How would I spend my time? How would I serve? I realized that the girl that started in that job was fresh out of college. She was different. Fresh out of college. She had different aspirations and the woman now that I was had changed and learned and grown and traveled and expanded so much more that they no longer aligned. And that set me free a little bit and helped me feel better about not feeling happy about that because I realized that just like anything, I’m a living growing person and that you have to continue to live and grow and adjust your life through different time periods. So that was something that was also very liberating.”

SaltWater_3-15_148 (1)

“Take action, each and every day towards things that align you to what makes you really happy. And sometimes you don’t know exactly what that is, but you just keep moving that way.”



Resources listed on the show:

Learn more and get in touch with Julie:

Saltwater Fit Website (Online Training): https://saltwaterfit.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/betterbikinibum

Twitter: https://twitter.com/juliecgohring

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/SaltwaterFit

Instagram: https://instagram.com/saltwaterfit

Three easy and effective exercises anyone can start now:

1) https://saltwaterfit.com/do-this-exercise-to-add-years-to-your-life/

2) https://saltwaterfit.com/underrated-exercise/

3) https://saltwaterfit.com/reduce-stress-and-recover-faster-with-proper-breathing/


In Person Training: www.nickholtfitness.com


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