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This week’s podcast guest is Jonny Freesh – I’m sure that’s not his real last name, but I think it goes quite well with his love for fresh raw food and fresh rap music.  I met Jonny during a few open mic nights in Ubud, where we both live.  Now, I secretly love open mic nights, because it brings me such happy joy when I see people go up on stage, look around as if they are about to shit their pants, and then do amazing things like belt out opera music like a pro. And then the look that comes over their face when the support and applause comes in – it’s like a “ahhh, I’m OK, no one laughed, I’m accepted!”  It’s a great thing to witness.

I wanted to share Jonny’s story with you, because I love the idea of how he merges his passion of raw food, with his passion for rapping and music.  But the biggest surprise of all for me personally in this podcast interview, was how touched I was in hearing his experience of facing his shadows, and being vulnerable and humble to change.

So, let’s tune in to my interview with Jonny this week, where we speak about picking the right business idea with integrity, how Bali has helped him stay focus and given him less financial pressure, and how to feel fear, and move through it.

Episode 5 | Special Guest Jonny Freesh

In this episode:

  • How he escaped from “having to have a real job”
  • His health journey that drew him to eating raw and becoming a raw food chef
  • How he reinvigorated his passion for rap and merged it with his love for raw foods
  • How he gets the confidence to go on stage and rap live
  • Details about the shadow work he does to get in touch with himself and interpret his emotions through vulnerability
  • An amazing discussion about how to deal with that inner critic/voice that stops you in your tracks when you’re fearful of something, and how to have a relationship with that part so that it can allow you to continue moving forward

Memorable Podcast Snippets:

“The dream of being a rapper was totally absent when I came here. When I wrote the durian song, that was the first song I wrote here. It kind of revived it in me. And one of the things I like to say is, raw food was my main passion for a while because my health was shitty and I didn’t feel motivated to do anything passionately for a long time. My health improved when I got on raw food and so I became more motivated and I was really passionate about something or another and it shifted. Eventually when I found the rap again, I realized that this was the thing I was most passionate about at the time, so I started doing it a lot. And I didn’t even think or know if I was good enough to do it professionally. What gave me the confidence was how well people responded to my music at Vespa Open Mic Night. It was really “Ubud Superstar” – people love that song.  Every single time I perform that’s the song people request, and “Durian” is the other one. So people loved the performance and I thought, ‘Oh, maybe I can actually do this.’ And I had never recorded anything before. I basically used to write a few verses and freestyle, mainly when I was drunk and high at university. And I did think before to take it to the next level but no one ever gave me feedback that was very positive. When people started reacting well to my songs, and I realized it is actually pretty cheap to record in Bali. And I have a friend who’s a music production teacher.



“When I first got to Bali, I didn’t make a penny for the first 6 months on rawfoodbali.com. Everything that I thought I would do for money didn’t work out so I had to adapt and I was scared shitless. Usually once a week for those first 6 months, until I got to the point where I thought I could teach those classes myself (and I didn’t think I’d ever get there) basically had a serendipitous online stumbling to get that online class and it’s an expensive class. I couldn’t afford it and I wouldn’t have paid for it even if I could. It wasn’t something that I would invest in but the owner of the villa who was hosting of the course was looking for a work exchange, and he was looking for someone who was tech savvy, to deal with social media, etc. And so we did a work exchange and then after that I was like now, there’s no reason for me to do it. …dealing with the other chefs in town was a pain in the butt and just not very logistically sound to do this 3-way organizational thing between students and chefs. I was petrified of this, I almost just sold the business and left. It was pretty scary.”



“I think growing up, I was never really afraid to be embarrassed, so thats in there inherently. And I still do have some fear about performing, but the crowds in Bali are friendly. I still have some fear about going to the West to perform which is what I wanna do to turn this into. My ideal career path is to be a stage performer, that’s what I like the most. So there’s still fear in there. I think the biggest thing has been feeling fear and doing shadow work. So I go to a mens circle like a once a week thing. And we do Carl Jung philosophy work  and we figure out the underlying fears and the parts about us that we don’t want to see that lead us to behave in ways. The inner lack of worth. I go every week and that’s been really big and embrace that kind of stuff and just feel it.




Resources listed on the show:

Learn more and get in touch with Jonny:


Jonny’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnyfreesh

Website for Jonny’s Music: https://www.freeshmusic.com/

Jonny Freesh Music Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jonnyfreeshmusic

Jonny Freesh Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jonny-freesh/

Jonny Freesh YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/jonnyfreesh

Jonny Freesh Instagram: https://instagram.com/jonnyfreesh

Raw Food Bali Website: https://rawfoodbali.com/

Raw Food Bali Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RawFoodBali

Raw Food Bali Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/rawfoodbali/

Raw Food Bali Instagram: https://instagram.com/rawfoodbali/


Site Jonny uses for his shadow work: https://mankindproject.org/

King, Warrior, Magician, Lover – a modern adaptation of the four main archetypes found in each male’s behavior: https://www.amazon.com/King-Warrior-Magician-Lover-Rediscovering/dp/0062506064


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