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So, I’ve always said…determine what you want to experience in life, and how you want to BE in life, and then find or create the business idea that fits that.  It’s easier to do this than to change yourself because, you are who you are.  But business ideas are in abundance out there, so you can choose the right one that pertains more to who you are and the kind of lifestyle you want to have.

I want to welcome my latest Cubicle Crashing Podcast guest today, Jeremie Rodger, who is a serial entrepreneur living in Ubud, Bali. He owns a successful yoga products line, an outsourcing service company, and is passionate about helping business people scale their companies by using good systems and finding good staff, so that you can actually have a life in your business.  He loves creating, but hates maintaining.  So how does he run several businesses from his laptop and still avoid the crap he hates in maintaining a business?  We will be diving into all of this and he will be answering some of my burning questions to him after the jump!

Jeremie will give great advice on how to know if your business idea will be a great one, and what you may need to ask yourself first about how you want to live your life, before you commit to something. Starting a new business isn’t always for the faint of heart, but starting 5 businesses in 4 years? Sound impossible or complicated?  It doesn’t have to be.


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What shifted his perspective in his small hometown in Canada
  • How he traveled all over Europe couch surfing spending very little money
  • Surrounding himself with people who he wanted to be like and learn from
  • Finding the right books and resources to read to educate himself on entrepreneurship
  • How to take control of your own life to do what your true passion is
  • Starting the journey of entrepreneurship before you’re “ready”
  • Memorable Podcast Snippets:

    “I did go to university for a year and a half. And I ended up doing 3 full years over a span of 5 years, but I think at a certain point I just decided to take things into my own hands and I understood early on that I was going to become the product of my environment, wherever I was living, the people I was surrounded by.

    So, I made the decisions pretty early on to surround myself with the kind of people that I wanted to be like. In my hometown, it’s a great place, but I saw the older couples and my friend’s parents, and they had regular things going on and I didn’t see all of them being ecstatic with life, like really thriving.

    And so I realized that this path doesn’t produce bliss and ultimate success. Otherwise, they would all be living it like that. And many people have wonderful lives in my hometown, but I think I always had higher ambitions for what was possible.”




    “I don’t believe that you are just born an entrepreneur, creative or talented. I just believe in consistent work and that showing up every day can bring you anywhere you want.”


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    “Before I went traveling, I was pretty limited on what I thought was possible, and I remember traveling and meeting people and realizing that it’s the philosophy of doing things your own way.
    When you get beyond the idea that you have to fit inside a box or there’s a way of doing things that works, it’s all made up anyway, and you can make up your own story just as easily.
    You’re creating this just as much as anybody else, so you can choose what you want. And when you meet enough people doing crazy things and successful in them again and again and again, you realize, ‘I can do anything. Everyone else is doing it.'”

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