Oh the dreaded feeling you get when you you know what you have to do to market your business.  That thing you have to do to make you go, “Yikes”.

Self promotion.

It feels icky.  A little yucky in your insides.

But you know that if no one knows about your business, you won’t get clients.

And if you don’t have clients, you don’t have a real business.

Being visible doesn’t have to feel sleazy.

But it is a NON-NEGOTIABLE to show up for your business so that the people you are meant to help can find you.


How does your tribe find you?

Your tribe = the people who are hungry for what you can help them with, and love the way YOU do your thing.

You aren’t meant to work with just anybody in this whole wide world.  There is a specific type of person, with particular values, and outlook that you are meant to help, and it’s not going to feel like pulling teeth.

Just like we don’t date everyone on the planet, the same goes for your clients.

Since you are not for everybody, we want to make sure that THEY filter themselves out.  So what’s your job?

You show up as often and as consistent as you can, and give people the opportunity to put their hands up to say, “I’m your soulmate client!”

My top Visibility Strategies to date, that has gotten me noticed and known in my industry, are right here:

★ Helping and promoting in Facebook Groups that are relevant to my niche, tribe, and values

★ Consistent weekly bite-sized lessons or advice in my blog and video blog – relevant content that hits the mark for my audience to keep coming back for more

★ Getting interviewed in various podcasts and online channels where my audience listens/watches

★ Facilitating webinars to teach my tribe VALUABLE content that builds my credibility and my bond with them (one of my top list building strategies!)

★ Writing articles for big publications like Huffington Post/Forbes, and being interviewed by freelance writers and journalists who find me through my social media

But you know what is the most powerful piece that ties all of these different ways of self promotion together?


The right curated content that MATTERS.

The content that matters is the sweet spot between what you LOVE talking about, and what your clients are actively seeking help in.

Without the right content, it doesn’t matter how much you blog, or post on social media.  People simply won’t care if it doesn’t hit the right pain points that they are urgently needing your help in.

This requires you to really get to know what your client WANTS.  Not just a wishy washy statement, but truly what keeps them up at night, and what are their deep dreams of desires.

Do you know what your strongest content is that gets people loving what you do and becoming loyal and raving fans?  Or are you simply guessing on what you “think” you have to talk about?

Start there first, if you seem to be going all over the place with wondering what content you should be talking, writing, or teaching about every week.

By the way, I teach you exactly how to do all this (and more!) in my Be Visible, Get Clients program.

Be Visible, Get Clients program

Give away a solution for their immediate pain point

One of the strongest ways to build your list, prove your expertise, and market what you do is by creating a relevant and super strong opt-in incentive (a.k.a. a lead magnet).

The easiest way to get people interested in working with you is to grab people by the hand, and persuade them to sign up with their e-mail in exchange for a powerful incentive of a solution that can solve a big aching problem for them right NOW.

How do you get this privilege of their permission to land in their inbox?

You need to give them something valuable for free to prove yourself to them.

Then you can work your magic of your nurturing charm to warm them up in a few e-mails that will lead them to trust you, and ultimately buying something from you.

That means that your opt-in incentive is one that solve an immediate problem that your customer is hungry to solve stat!

You have to invite your tribe into your world, give them value, lead them, and guide them from interested to working with you.

You can also create multiple opt-in incentives that LEAD people to different paid products that you have (whether it be one-to-one services, books, courses, retreats, classes, etc.).

These are some example of opt-ins that I’ve created just a few months ago to increase my list and build authority:


Opt-in examples


What you should consider when creating your opt-in incentive:

  • It should be a strong taster of your work
  • It relates to an Immediate pain point to solve
  • It leads them to your paid product
  • It includes your approach and style 

Think about the immediate and initial thing your ideal client suffers with right now.  What is that problem?

How can you give them a simple solution that helps them move past the first block?

Perhaps it’s already something you teach your paid clients – use an exercise.

Perhaps it’s a module of one of your courses – give it away.

Perhaps it’s your initial assessment that you give clients when you start working with them – re-design it to be an opt-in.


Creating relationships vs. salesy sleaze

Create relationships and build trust with your potential clients rather than go down the salesy sleazy road that doesn’t jive with you.

Marketing your business can simply be a conversation.  A way you communicate the value of your knowledge and know-how, into the words that get your clients saying, “Holy crap, it’s like you’re in my head”.

So you know what can make self promotion easier for you?  Think about what you can TEACH your clients.

What do you know that they don’t know?

What new belief about themselves should they have and how can you inspire this new belief?

What new truths can you plant in their world that trumps their fears?

What “a-ha” moments have you received when YOU solved similiar problems for yourself, that you can share with them?

Consider using your inner teacher as a way to promote and market you and your business.

One of my favourite ways to do this?  Webinars.

Using webinars, I have built HALF of my email list with just this strategy.  Why does it work so well?

When you are in the business of helping HUMANS (you are a coach, consultant, mentor, advisor, basically any service-based business where people are buying YOUR services), trust and credibility can be reached faster when people can hear your voice and see you.

Webinars allow you to showcase your expertise, and give away a taste of what it’s like to work with you.

And also another important thing, people get to see the real you.  They’re going to be able to witness your approach, your style, and your personality.

Someone attending my webinars convert so much faster to paying clients than someone just reading my blog…100%.

Another great thing about webinars, is that these training are recorded.  Which means, you can repurpose them to be used as giveaways, opt-in incentives, or bonuses for products and services you create.

The content and value is never wasted!

If you’re worried about your first time facilitating a webinar or being a nervous wreck on camera, don’t fret.  In the Be Visible, Get Clients program, I seriously lead you by the hand on choosing the right topic to teach on webinars, how to be yourself when you get nervous on camera, and what to do to connect and communicate with your clients pre and post webinar.


Show them that you are an authority

You are an expert because you are one step ahead of someone else.

So act like it!

Your clients come to you and convert from “interested” to “buying” when they have been shown the evidence that you love what you do, and can help them in the most powerful way.

So, prove it to them,  Do it by creating strong content that relates directly to their pain.

Do it by teaching them something in a style and approach that only you can teach.

Get known in the topics and conversations your business wants to be a part of, and get people asking for YOU.

To do this, your visibility needs a plan, and it needs you to commit to it every single week, month, and year.

It’s time to stop hiding behind your business.

Your gifts and the impact of your work deserves to be shared.







Want to learn how to create, plan, and implement your Visibility Plan that is going to get your work out to the people who need you the most?  Click below to discover how I can help you do this in on an intimate 1:1 coaching program together.

Be Visible, Get Clients program