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How To Handle Criticism & Dream Crushers

With Lydia Lee

Definition of a Dream-Crusher:  A person who attempts to discourage or stands in the way of someone else pursuing their dream.

Are you dealing with naysayers and negative people in your life that ‘poo-poo’ on your dreams?
If you are making a positive change in your life, career or business you will face pushback from people close to you.

Criticism can be demotivating and demoralizing. Your confidence can be affected by these naysaying doubters, and you may find your energy being consumed by it which causes you to be distracted from achieving your dreams and goals.

Your ability to be able to discern the right advice vs. the noise is vital to your success.  And learning how to deal with critics who voice their opinions, worries, and concerns, will help you to interact with them healthily.Get the 30 Day Roadmap To Quit Your Job & Prepare For Your New Life
In today’s video series I’m interviewing Ella Cook and Felicia Pettersson, two amazing ladies who I’ve coached to create their freelance career and independent businesses.  

In our conversation, we’re going to be discussing the strategies to understand, interpret, and deal with critics and dream crushers.

Watch our video interview where we’ll be sharing how you can navigate these conversations with the people in your life, as well as invite the right support systems to help you persevere towards your goals.

Snippets of the interview:

  • Recognizing the dream crushers and critics in your life
  • How to not take it personally when people may not agree with your life and career decisions
  • Navigating difficult conversations with the critics in your life
  • Learning how to see beyond the criticism and negativity to find common ground with naysayers and doubters
  • Protecting your energy around negative people when you’re making big changes in your life

Connect with Ella & Felicia:

Connect with Ella Cook here
Connect with Felicia Petterson here

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