Career Change

How to Deal With An Identity Crisis During A Career Change

With Lydia Lee

Think you’re having an identity crisis during your career change?

When we go through a career change or transition, it can feel like we’ve wasted years of our lives towards a path that we no longer want to pursue.

You may be questioning if you even like anything you were good at and if those years of experience matter anymore to you.

The truth is, as you go through a career change, where a lot of people tend to explore especially during mid-career, it’s actually a great opportunity for you to re-evaluate what’s really important for your career and the ingredients you need to make work meaningful.

This video episode explains why you don’t actually need to throw out your years of work experience and credentials, and how you can use it as an opportunity to build your next chapter of work!

As we grow as humans, our work grows with us.

Our body of work is allowed to expand as we evolve into new chapters of work in our lives.

You are a creative being.  It’s OK to embrace that change and go through multiple reinventions of our careers.

That’s what can make work exciting.  None of this needs to feel like a bump in the road, and you can see this as a transformation to bigger things you are wanting to do.

Start with purpose.

When you know your ingredients for meaningful work to contribute your skills, this will breathe new life into your skill sets.

You may have forgotten the inaugural reason why you started in an industry or career focus at the beginning of time.  Somewhere along your path, you may have lost sight of this.

If you could take creative control over your work, what problems would you want to now solve with the skills you have?

What mission or cause in the world do you want to contribute to?

How do you want your work to transform the world in the bigger scheme of things?

How do you change the purpose of how you deploy your skills?

When you can dig deeper, you can realize that the experience you’ve already accumulated in your career can lead you to do something even more fulfilling.

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