You know, the idea behind Screw The Cubicle is not just about the physical box.  It is the mental box that we live within that prevents us from seeing possibilities and opportunities beyond what we know.

This week we’re going to talk about something bigger than being trapped in a cubicle.

The brain is a malleable thing.

Your brain will bring in all kinds of evidence that validates a particular belief you feel about yourself and of the world. It’s kind of like a radar that will pick up all sorts of stories and circumstances that will feed that belief.

You cannot control your environment (of what is happening outside of yourself), but you can control what you want to focus on and shift your life lenses to see and feel things that will actually bring you joy.

Abraham Hicks says this:  “Beliefs are thoughts you keep thinking”

Whether you are feeding it a virus thought that doesn’t make you feel good, or inspiring it to feel better about pursuing something you desire, you are in control of wetting the appetite of the fear monster, or collaborating with the courageous sidekick.

What are the strongest beliefs you have about yourself or what is possible for you that is preventing you from having what you want ?

Let’s see what we’re playing with here:  acknowledging your fears isn’t agreeing with them, you’re simply saying, “Ok, let’s have a chat about this.  What do we need to know to make us feel better about this fear?”

Behind every fear, there is a belief.  You may notice that your fears can come in all different forms, but the beliefs could be quite similiar and usually stem from a couple of strong ones

How can you feed new evidence to your brain to form new beliefs?  Watch the video below

Your beliefs of what you think is possible for you and your future relies on your desire to find the missing gaps on what you need to know.  Having fear is not a bad thing, but what is it trying to tell you?

Behind the fear there is a question.  Listen to what the question may be, and it can help guide you on the steps and action you need to take to answer that question…and then from the answer, your beliefs will change about that fear.

In our reality, both problems AND solutions are around us and happening at simultaneously. 

It is when you choose to refocus your lenses towards the possibilities, can the next door of opportunity open for you.

So tell me, what is ONE thing you can do right NOW, to change one belief about one of your fears?


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