Suffering from analysis paralysis?

Too many interests and can’t pick one to go with?

If the worst thing right now for you are too many choices, consider yourself lucky. Embrace the fact that you have so many interests.

Whoever said you had to die with just one anyway?

To start, stop beating yourself up that you have so many ideas – Re-frame time!

Instead, say…

“I have so many passionate interests and the exciting part is experimenting with which ones will serve me best at this point in my life”.  


Isolate your skill sets.

What are you great at?

When was the last time you took inventory of the skills that you have?

I bet you’ve accumulated quite a number of great skills from your past and current career. But which of those skills are ones you actually quite value and love, and the ones that you would want to keep in your “tool-belt”?

I can do my own accounting, but do I love it? Hell no. I’d rather be paying someone to do the numbers for me. It’s more of an “I can do this” rather than an “I actually love to do this”.

So do yourself a favour. Make a list of only the ones you want to do, not have to do.

Keep the skills that feel like ease for you.

Notice I didn’t say easy. If you’re like me and love a challenge in my work, this is absolutely OK.

Most of us need and crave some challenges in our work, but it can still feel like ease. Ease feels good. Ease feels like flow.

You may love writing for example, and it could take you some hours and the occasional writer’s block, but you may appreciate the process and feel amazing after you’ve written something meaningful or thought-provoking.

Don’t forget your natural skills as well. You may not realize that your most natural skills are the most important ones. These are the skills that people seem to be envious of you for or have constantly complimented you on.

Perhaps you’ve heard, “You are always so good at empowering others”, or “I love how you can break complicated things down so clearly”.

Your best skills may not always be tangible ones you can obviously see, it may be just how you are “being”. Without this, you will not be you.

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Figure out what you’re naturally drawn to

What sparks your curiosity that you love?

You find yourself in deep conversations about these topics. When a story or blog post about it appears on your Facebook newsfeed, you automatically click on it to read it. You’re constantly craving more information on it. You watch Youtube videos of TedTalks about it.

Part of you may say, “I would love to be able to contribute to this mission or cause”.

You may even feel that your life experience has led you to give a shit about it. It moves you to talk to people about this.

When you think about the things that you are naturally drawn to, dig deeper as to why it’s so meaningful for you to be engaged in it.

What does the world need that you can help solve?

You could make a list of everything that you are able to solve using your skill sets (yes, the ones you actually love), towards the direction of the topics you care about (what you are drawn to or are passionate about).

Who needs it and why? Why are they so hungry to solve this? What pains them so much and keeps them up at night, and you can be their saving grace?

Your ability to solve problems will help determine your ability to make money.

Build your business on the basis that you are passionate about easing the pain for others, and creating solutions that are valuable for them.

Choose the problems you are excited to solve and are inspired to see a difference in the world, with your little dent in it.

Lead the Mission

Your best career and business idea to start with requires you to lead the way. It is a mission you are proud of and desire to show others the path. The idea you go with also requires you to be immersed in it, to consistently be learning and challenging yourself in that topic.

You must be willing to live and breathe the solutions you teach and provide.

Whether you are being paid or not, you lead by example. Your stubborn curiosity about the subject brings you to many doors, and you become like Alice, plunging into those rabbit holes.

Are you willing to immerse yourself in the mission of your business idea you choose for the next 10 years?

If so, you’ll be far happier during the times of 10 hour days launching something in your business, or spending the time researching all sorts of things for your clients.

Decide to Experiment.

Here’s a news flash: Your ideas are probably amazing.

All of them may possibly change your life. But, you won’t know if any of them would do that if you don’t start exploring at least one of them.

Keep choosing.  Ideas stay only in the idea zone if you don’t make a conscious action to pursue them.

And, for the love of God, get those ideas out of your head and on paper, or sticky notes, or mastermind it with someone.

Stop pondering and start doing, so you can actually see what may come of it.

There are no laws or rules that are preventing you from starting anything.

You don’t have to jump in full force right away, you can play with the idea and test it out to see if you like it.

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