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The 5 Rapid Growth Drivers for a Successful Business

With Lydia Lee

In today’s video series for the corporate escape stories, I’m so excited to interview Paul Higgins from Build Live Give (BLG).

Paul learnt the importance of thinking global and acting local during his impressive 18-year career at Coca-Cola. Motivated by his inherited condition, Paul left corporate and rode a rollercoaster of emotions.

Inspired by his own journey, he founded a community to help fellow corporate escapees to wipe off years of struggle to arrive at both lifestyle & financial freedom.

I love Paul’s story of choosing work that is more aligned with his values, which made it more meaningful for him to pursue.  After being in a very high positioned corporate gig, it’s not an easy decision to give up a ‘sure thing’ to venture into the unknown world of entrepreneurship.

We spoke about why we have to be really honest about whether our lifestyle and career choices are leading us to a life experience we truly want to have.

In the interview, I picked Paul’s brain on his 5 rapid growth drivers to expedite business success, something he teaches his tribe at Build Live Give, and I know it’s going to help give you some clarity on what to focus on to build a thriving business.  

We also dove into how YOU can stop being distracted by shiny things you think you have to do in your business, and really focus on the foundational business building strategies that can make a big difference in your success. 

Snippets of the interview:

  • Why Paul made a decision to leave his ‘sure thing’ of a high powered corporate career, to venture into the world of entrepreneurship
  • The values that drove him to act on changing his work and doing something more meaningful as a career
  • What Paul did to enroll his family to support him in his cubicle escape journey
  • Paul’s advice on discerning the right information for your business, not getting stuck on ‘shiny’ things, and have laser focus on what’s priority
  • The 5 Rapid Growth Drivers to expedite your business success and how you can leverage this in your business

Connect with Paul

Build Live Give: Join Paul’s BLG community for only $1/month – Go to and enter the coupon code on the right BOOST31 Download my Dream Business Mindmap before you waste another day in the cubicle, and commit to a niche you can feel confident about in 30 minutes or less.

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