Does it light you up to do work that helps other people? If you’re like me, meaningful work means helping others achieve goals and be better at their life.

Your life and professional experience has armed you with amazing tools to share with other humans. The knowledge you have accumulated can be very useful for others who don’t know what you know.

In the day and age we live in, it’s so much more possible for ordinary people to start businesses that can be profitable, simply by sharing their knowledge and expertise.

I speak to so many people daily about their big dreams on having their own business. So why haven’t they started it?

They’re overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with thinking of the infinite amount of steps they believe they have to take to start a business. Not knowing even WHERE to start.

Does this sound like where you are right now?

Here’s the reality check I always give people that think they have to get all these ‘business-sy’ things in check first before being able to find customers.

Stop distracting yourself with the shiny parts of creating a business, and focus on being good at what you do instead.

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But the simple thing to start with (and most relevant to YOUR success) is to be good at what you do, work with real humans, improve and refine along the way, and create valuable solutions that people want to buy. And no, you don’t need a fancy website or a beautiful brand to get started. Having a business is about solving problems. So start solving problems. Start with your own understanding of the clarity of what your business is all about, why you should exist, and why people should care.

These are your foundations. The big message you are trying to share with your work, and what strengths you bring to the table. Your approach and point of view on how you can help. What you stand by that is true to you for your line of work. The story of how your life had led you to be passionate about the work you want to do.

Then get out there in the field of play, and get active on discovering the problems you can solve for the people you are most attracted to work with.

What are they urgently and actively seeking to get help with?

How can you speak in THEIR language to allow them to resonate with you?

This includes having real conversations with people, research, and identifying your approach to help solve these problems. Not sitting behind a computer hoping for customer to come to you.

There are definitely logical steps to launch a successful business, but most of these steps as a new business starts with your confidence in what you do, and how you’ll be communicating with the right people to sell the value of your work. If you’re finally wanting to beat the overwhelm and get the step-by-step plan to launch your business at my 90 Day Launch program.

To give you some new perspective of where your time and energy should be focused on, here’s some of the key building blocks of creating a successful business with your gifts and life experience:

Identify your best way of working and a model that suits your strengths

How you choose to do your best work matters to how much you enjoy having a business.

What is your strongest way of helping and what comes natural for you?

Are you more of a coach because you love personally mentoring people?

Perhaps you are built like a teacher who loves to create instruction and exercises in formats like courses.

Whatever your skills are, use that are a way to focus on the best business model that plays up your strengths.

Lay out the foundations of the work you do

Your message and why for your work matters. Get real clear on the approach to solve problems people need in your business.

What does your business stand for and what are the values that people rely on you for? This includes your distinct point of view.

It makes it easier to talk about your work and attract the right people that resonate with those common values and perspectives they share with you.

Know exactly who you want to help

You won’t be helping every human on this planet, but you’ll be helping a specific type of person that fits the readiness stage of receiving your work, and are actively seeking what you’re offering.

Get to know what they need – their struggles, obstacles, and what they can feel doubtful about.

Answer to those blocks and create the communication that invites them to discover the possibility of what life can be like if they achieved their goals.

Create an offer that gives your customer immense value

This is how you’ll deliver your brilliance, by packaging your gifts.

Designing an offer that exchanges big value for money, will arm you with a product you’re proud to sell, and gives your best work to your customers.

Whether these are one-to-one consulting or coaching programs, or courses and books for people to purchase, get really clear on the process of how you lead them through the journey to results.

Learn to validate your offers before you charge money

A lot of people don’t feel confident charging for their services or products when they first launch a business. Fair enough!

You may be in the position of not knowing whether this works or not. The best way to validate what you have to sell, and ensure people are truly supported and transformed by your product or service is to test it with a small group of people or a focus group before releasing it to the world.

This will enhance your confidence, allow you to improve things before launching, and you’re going to feel good about charging.

Know how to create visibility for your business

You may create something amazing, but what’s the point if no one knows about it? Being a business owner means being proud of the work you share, and getting in front of as many ideal people as you can to showcase your brilliance to them.

Marketing after all, is simply a conversation. So what conversations should you be having around your business, that draws people into your world?

Instead of being visible and marketing in every platform under the moon, start with identifying YOUR best way of delivery and communication. Some of you may be better writers, and some are better speakers.

Which platforms best suit your voice and fits your natural style of influence?

As you can see, starting a business starts with you. Before you are able to market your work and get customers, your foundations and clarity for what you should be offering should be the most important part to focus on as you get ready to launch. When you know why you work should exist, how you’re going to offer value, and what you should create to be profitable, you’re going to get a lot more confident in sharing your work and business with people. If this has been helpful for you to put things in perspective and understand the next steps to make a living with your gifts, share with me below what you will put time and energy focusing on this week to bring confidence and clarity to your business launch.
To building your profitable business sharing your gifts,

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