Get Your First Client Through Authentic Marketing

Hi, I’m Lydia!

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“How Do I Get Clients When I’m Just Starting Out?”

A common mindset trap new business owners fall into is believing they have to resort to complicated sales and marketing tactics to get clients. 

Like being everywhere on social media and posting 3 x a day, 7 days a week.

Or spending hours learning digital marketing skills like FB ads when it’s not their genius-zone.

And relying on the internet “algorithm” to be seen in their business.

Although social media and things like ads can grow your business, it’s not the only way and it may not be the simplest way to get your first clients.

And it’s certainly not everyone’s cup of tea either.

The truth is, if you’re building a service-based business, you need to start by being “of service” to your people.

Not hiding behind your laptop and wishing for clients to find you.

If the idea of marketing gives you the heebie jeebies, I invite you to redefine it in more meaningful ways, like…

🔎 How are you educating people to learn more about what you can help them with?

🌱 What seeds are you planting often to your audience (even when it’s small) so that you’re top of mind when they’re ready to work with you?

💬 How often are you have REAL conversations with the humans you are passionate to help (not just treating them as numbers on a list or followers on your channel)?

In today’s video, I want to share how you can Gain Clients When You’re Just Starting Out With Authentic Marketing.

In This Video, I Covered:

  • How to leverage a small list or audience to sell your services when you’re just starting out.
  • The #1 thing I do to connect with new clients on social media without relying on an uncertain algorithm.
  • Creative ways to “show and tell” your work to potential leads and customers to gain trust and credibility.
  • How to choose marketing activities that suit your personality type and strengths so you’ll actually commit to them.

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