The main obstacle in the way of reaching your goals? YOU


I’ve spoken at lot in the past about the different obstacles in the path of any new business, entrepreneur or freelancer

I have covered the practical steps to preparing for your next career step financially, mentally, socially and professionally.

But, even with all the best planning and preparation in the world and even in the most conducive supportive environment in the world the biggest factor in your success is still YOU.

Some of the biggest obstacles to people reaching their goals is their own limiting beliefs, their own lack of clarity and their own self sabotaging behavior of procrastination.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone.

That’s why I have made this teaching video to give you a practical look to identify which obstacle you are most likely facing, and how to avoid these pitfalls.


In this video, you learned the 4 most common ways YOU create obstacles for yourself:

Obstacle #1: Lack of clarity and direction

We actually need to stop and think what our end goal really looks like before we can make a viable plan to reach it. It’s not enough to just have a vague direction in mind.

When we have a clear destination in mind we can then reverse engineer and work out what our next step needs to be.

Clarity comes from action. Even when we don’t know what the exact things we need to do are, it is important to begin action. Follow your curiosity and get the ball rolling and we can quickly see which direction we want to be moving in.

Obstacle #2: Letting fear dictate your future

Every fear you experience just means that there’s a missing gap of information, skills, or knowledge that you need to figure out.

It is entirely natural that any change you make in your life or career comes with an element of fear. The vast majority of your fears will originate in an unknown or a knowledge or information gap. But it’s very important to remember that “everything is figureoutable”. By acknowledging and plugging an information gap we can start over coming our fears.

Obstacle #3: Lack of confidence

For most of us doing anything different from our normal routine or patterns will feel unconfident. Confidence and courage can not be summoned over night, it takes time and repetition to build your confidence.

Start with small and simple steps. Go organic and test new ideas on small beta groups or situations to start building your confidence.

Obstacle #4:  Never stick to a plan

In the age of ‘instant gratification’ and fast answers, sometimes we have the bad habit of jumping ship too quickly or moving to other things before completing one thing.

With the rise of google and social media we have become accustomed to instant responses and answers to our questions and queries. This has diminished our general patience and willingness to work at a problem which does not have an obvious solution.

We can counter this by really thinking and setting realistic goals and time frames for our business or persona growth. One of the main reasons we allow ourselves to get distracted and not see our tasks through is because we are trying to everything on our own.



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