If you’ve been thinking of freelancing to help you escape your cubicle, this week’s video interview is going to be right up your alley.

Freelancing can be a great option to transition you from the 9-5 to self employment, without it being a big entrepreneurship venture.

If you’ve got skills right now where you would love to take from your corporate job and move it into a more independent career, you’re probably wondering, “How can I turn my skills into a sustainable freelancing business?”


Enter Matt Inglot

This week’s interview is with one with Matt Inglot, the founder of Freelance Transformation, where he helps people build freelancing businesses around the life they want to live.

Just like the people who are drawn to his website, Matt wanted the freedoms that a corporate job couldn’t offer.  But it also took him 7 years of feeling stuck and making the wrong moves before figuring out how to transform his business to create the lifestyle and financial freedom to have more time for his family, travel, and of course, the security of a steady income stream.


Matt Inglot


I particularly loved Matt’s approach on how to have a new perspective on charging more for what you do, valuing your skills so your clients will too, and when to say no to clients who aren’t a good fit (even if it seems tempting to take them on because of the fear of scarcity).

One of the biggest struggles for freelancers is to get clients, maintain a steady income, and charge what their work is worth (especially with so much competition in places like Upwork.com where someone from India charges $2/hour).

So, Matt and I want you to start thinking as an entrepreneur, especially when you’re first starting as a freelancer, and get you out of charging hourly to charging based on your niche and value of your work.


Watch my interview with Matt:




What we jam about:

✔ The most important thing that you should be focusing on in your first year as a freelancer (and no, it’s not your shiny website and branding)

✔ How to get clients as a new freelancer and learn how to position your skills from general to a more focused niche

✔ The top reasons freelancers get stuck on how to create a thriving freelancing business, and how you can do it more successfully

✔ Why it’s important to value the work you do instead of the hourly rate to attract clients that will pay you what you’re worth

✔ How to shift your mindset to stop operating as a traditional freelancer and start thinking like an entrepreneur

✔ BONUS question answered by Matt (submitted by Moselle from my group, The Unconventionalists):  How do you create a contract as a freelancer to save your behind?


Love what Matt had to say?  Find out more about his work!


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