Solopreneur Strategies

Forget About Setting Goals. Focus On Systems Instead

With Lydia Lee

Do you ever wonder why you may not be able to create momentum for your goals whenever you have big dreams to achieve?

Well, the problem may not be about setting goals at all.  What you need to focus on instead is your SYSTEMS.

Thinking about systems has completely changed my own outcomes for reaching my goals, and I think it’s going to truly help you too.

In this video, I’m sharing why systems amplify your chances of achieving your goals faster and why a growth mindset will support you to commit to your goals so you’ll actually accomplish them. 🎯

When You Watch Today’s Video, You’ll Learn How To:

  • Why we constantly fail at achieving our goals, even when we are so enthusiastic about them at the beginning of the year.
  • The key piece you may be missing to create momentum for your goals (spoiler alert: it’s not setting more goals, it’s creating better SYSTEMS!).
  • How to prioritize meaningful goals and design “bite-sized” actions to fully accomplish them.
  • What your brain needs to feel validated that you’re actually progressing towards your goals – this creates inner MOTIVATION to keep going.

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